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Term 2

Week 6

On Wednesday we went to the pantomime and we watched Cinderella. It was funny when the big hand came down from the ceiling and it pointed to Peter Ireland!  And the ghost part was funny.  I loved the baddie song when the step sisters came.   It was funny.  Buttons was funny.  Buttons had a magic button.  And all the ghosts came to the baddies.  The baddies were silly.   At the end Buttons was in his kitchen with Cinderella. When all the ghosts came the stepsisters scared all the ghosts.  I liked the journey back because I was on the window side and I could look out of the window.  And it was fun.  And we had fun looking out the window.  The bus ride was fun because there was Christmas songs.

week 5

Christmas activities are already underway and excitement is mounting !   We have been practising the Nativity Play, as well as our class assembly on Tuesday.  We hope as many of you can come as possible.  


nativity rehearsal on Friday

week 4

It was good to catch up with every single parent this week - thank you for your  comments and for the support you give your children (and us!) at home.


This week the children are learning to add by counting on - they find it tricky.  In a number sentence like 12+3, they have learned to put 12 in their head and then hold up three fingers and count on by touching each finger.

Week 3

We are using 'positional language' in maths this week (left, right, above, under etc).  The children enjoyed hiding toys, then giving instructions to explain where they had hid them exactly, using positional language.

Where did you hide the toys?

We have been estimating how long things are and measuring with non-standard units of measurement (cubes) and metre sticks.  The children have also measured their hand spans - one child had a wider hand span than Mrs Kerrane!

measuring with cubes

measuring with metre sticks

We measured our hand span with cubes then rulers

Week 2

Our morning starts as soon as the children get into school, even though we only take the register at 8.50.  Children do a variety of activities: they change their books and start reading their new ones, they do interventions with adults to move their learning on and they do developmental marking.  These are vital minutes and anyone who arrives as late as 8.50 has missed out on 20 minutes of learning!!!

At 9.50 we start guided reading.  Take a look at the different activities we are involved in this week: group reading, finding rhyming words on cards, finding rhyming words in books, writing a prayer about perseverance (our value this term), learning about our values through reading scenarios (see Arthur) and reading one to one with an adult.  We are also lucky enough to have year 5 children listening to the children read in the book corner, which is why you will find a child has sometimes written in your child's reading record!

Guided Reading Activities

On this video clip you will hear the children playing word tennis, a game which helps them to learn their story orally.

Talk for Writing - children rehearsing Walter's Wonderful Web

Still image for this video
Now that we have learned our story off by heart, we 'box up' the text into five sections:  opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending.  

Our boxed up text (before and after)

Week 1

Hello and welcome back to school!

The children came home with their targets stuck into their reading records yesterday.  We will be working towards these and assessing them at the end of term.  Any help you can give them will be great!  

Also, just a reminder, please remember to listen to your child every day if possible.  It makes SUCH a difference to their progress and their confidence.  Some children are not reading the books they bring home and are falling behind as a result.  Please also remember write in the record - just a signature is enough, but of course it's lovely to read about how you feel they are doing...

Reading to the Dog!

We are using coins in maths.  The children are learning the difference between 10s and 1s, and one of the things we ask them to do is to make numbers using 10p and 1p coins.  To reinforce this, the children now pay for their fruit and milk during snack time!    Please let your children play with coins at home.

Fruit shop

Today we learnt about ORDINAL numbers (1s2, 2nd, 3rd) which we use when we talk about the order things come in.  The children raced and were given stickers showing where they came in the race.

Which car do you think will come first? Which will come last?

This term we are focusing on the value PERSEVERANCE.  The children are learning a story all about a spider who persevered.  We hope to do an assembly later in the term about it.  The children are learning the story orally through a story map, as usual.  See if they can read it to  you!

Title, opening and build-up