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Friday 30th April


It's the end of week two of Term 5 already and it has been a busy week as usual.


Unfortunately Mrs Short was not with us on Monday or Tuesday as she fell off her horse, Disney, on Sunday whilst galloping and knocked herself out. As well as cuts and bruises, she had injured her hip and returned to school on Wednesday on crutches. We could see that she was still in pain and really should have stayed at home to recuperate for longer. Luckily, Mrs Vincent was able to cover the class until Mrs Short's return and we are very grateful to her for doing this. We are all wishing you a very big GET WELL SOON Mrs Short!


This week has been assessment week, so we have been doing some old SATs tests so that Mrs Short and Mrs Godden know how well we are doing and where there are gaps in our learning which they can cover before the end of the school year.  With excellent results, everyone has done well which is super news, especially given that we have had to learn from home for part of the school year. Year 6 - you have worked really hard, both at home and at school. WELL DONE!


As well as assessments this week, we had a very interesting Science lesson where Mrs Vincent dissected a cow's heart so that we could see how it works. It was fascinating, but rather gory as well!


We finished our last RE lesson on Salvation on Thursday by looking at some quotes about the resurrection from famous people - Ghandi, St Paul, C.S. Lewis and Richard Dawkins. We were discovering that atheists and Hindus have views on the resurrection of Christ as well a Christians. It was a challenging, but interesting end to this topic.


Don't forget that Monday is the first May bank holiday, so you don't need to come back to school until Tuesday.


Have a great long weekend everyone!


Mrs Godden and Mrs Short


Mrs Short riding Disney