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Friday 8 January 

Yippee it’s Friday! Well done to all of you for working so hard this week (and a big thank you to all your grown ups for helping you)


Thank you for sending your work to us - we really do love seeing what you have been doing a home. 


Here is what I would like to you to have a go at today.


Guided reading

Watch this short clip from Topsy & Tim. Topsy & Tim’s Dad has lost his keys and cannot find them anywhere!


When you have watched it, can you write a list of anything you have lost? You might have lost your jumper at school, toys, a favourite book, pieces of Lego.


Ask your grown up to tell you if there is anything they have lost or lose frequently?

I am always losing my phone, my keys and hair bands!


How did you find the activity yesterday? Did you notice anything with your number sentences?

In class, we could see that the numbers on one side went up in order and the other numbers went down in order. We also noticed that the answer was always 10!




Have a go at this activity sheet and use the tens frame to complete the number sentences to 10.


If you want to try a Friday challenge then follow this link and complete the activity cards. You may need a grown up to help explain it to you. 

Phonics & Handwriting

Have another go at both of these activities. Choose another letter to practise your handwriting and select a phonics game to play.



The children in school worked very hard to learn the first part of our story. 

Knuffle Bunny - Opening and build-up

Still image for this video
Watch Mrs Grady rehearsing the story. She is speaking and doing the actions and Mrs Fitzgerald is pointing to the pictures.

Today we are going to carry on learning the problem, resolution and ending of our story.

When they got home Trixie’s Mummy said ‘Where’s Knuffle Bunny? Knuffle Bunny was lost!


They ran back through the park and into the laundrette, but they couldn’t find Knuffle Bunny. Then Trixie’s Dad pulled the washing out of the machine and there was a clean soggy bunny!


Trixie shouted ‘Knuffle Bunny!’ And those were here very first words!


This term we will be learning about the Christian faith through the Christian concept of the Gospel. The Gospel stories are found in the New Testament of the Bible. The New Testament is the second part of the Bible that starts with the birth of Jesus and tells the stories of Jesus’ life.


Can you tell the story of this picture? (sorry it's a bit small!)

I wonder what the good news might be for Christians? Do you know?


What is good news?


Can you write about something good that has happened to you? I'd love to see what you write about.


And finally!

To finish the week off I thought it would be fun to have a look at this website.

This is a really fun activity to have a go at and be creative!

Look what I have created – it’s Fishy Fish!

Thursday 7 January

Good morning Hazel class, Mrs Grady today. It was so lovely to see all your faces on Wednesday during our class zoom. Some of you were still in your pyjamas I think!!


Here is what I would like you to have a go at today.


Guided Reading 

Watch this story by Oliver Jeffers called Lost and Found. Can you think of an animal you would (or wouldn't) like to find at your door? Perhaps you could draw a picture of this and write the name of the animal.



Today we are continuing with addition.

Can you get 2 bowls and place 10 small objects in each bowl. I have got 10 raisins and 10 pieces of pasta. You could use Lego pieces, grapes, counters - anything small you can find. 


Here is a tens frame – how many squares can you count?

You will need one of these tens frame so you can print the one I have attached above or you can ask a grown up to help you draw one. 


1. Can you place all the items from one of your bowls into each square. Look! you have filled your tens frame and not used any items from your other bowl. Can you write a number sentence to show this?


I will help you: I have 0 raisins and 10 pieces of pasta so my number sentence is 0 + 10 = 10


2. Can you swap one of your pieces on your tens frame for an item in your other bowl. So I have swapped a piece of pasta for a raisin – can you write the number sentence for this? Write the number sentences underneath each other - you'll see why when you have completed them all!


I will help you: I have 1 raisin and 9 pieces of pasta so my number sentence is 1 + 9 = 10


So far I have:

0 + 10 = 10

1 + 9   = 10

3. Can you continue doing this until you have swapped all the pieces from your tens frame with the ones in your bowl. Remember to write the number sentence each time. 


Once you have all the number sentences written down, can you see a pattern in the numbers? What is happening to the parts each time?

Phonics & Handwriting

A small amount of practise each day really does make a difference.


Continue with this phonics game today and choose a level that is manageable for you.

Choose another letter today to practise.


I had a parcel delivered to my house yesterday – I was so excited when I opened it as it had my favourite toy Fishy Fish inside. I lost Fishy Fish the other day and I've been looking everywhere – I was very sad as this is a toy I have had since I was little. Luckily, I had put a label on it with my address and someone very kind must have found it and posted it back to me!


Today we are going to start our Talk for Writing about a toy rabbit called Knuffle Bunny who gets lost.


Here are the pictures from the part of the story we are learning today - see if you can learn the words which are below and make up some actions to help you remember. 



Once upon a time there was a little girl called Trixie. Trixie had a soft toy called Knuffle Bunny.


Knuffle Bunny was soft and fluffy and Trixie loved her very much.


One day Trixie and her Dad and Knuffle Bunny went through the park and into the Laundrette.

Do you know what a launderette is? Can you find out? Email me and let me know!


This term in topic we will be looking at old and new toys and discovering the toys your parents, grandparents or even great grandparents may have played with. We will be looking at the similarities and differences and identifying the changes from the toys of the past to the toys you play with today.   


Can you think of all the toys and games you might have received for Christmas or your birthday? Can you now go and find you favourite toy and answer the questions in the two slides below? You don't have to write this down, just have a talk with a grown up or ask an older brother or sister (if you have one) to help you. 



Can you draw a picture of your favourite toy and label it. See if you can describe what it does and what it is made from.


It would be great to see your pictures and we can put them on the class page so your friends can see.

Guided Reading

Please read another 'losing story' together, or if you have run out or can't find any, click on the link below.


Yesterday in class we used cubes, pebbles (all the same size!) and tea-lights to measure the lengths of different things.  After we had measured four things and written down their lengths we put the four numbers in order, starting with the lowest.

Hopefully you have rulers at home, if not please make a home made one, going up to thirty.  Today we are going to measure to the nearest centimetre.  Remember to start at 0 when measuring!  Find things around the house (less than 30cm) and measure them.  Write down the lengths.  When you have measured four things, re-write the four numbers, starting with the lowest.


Handwriting and Phonics

Please spend at least five minutes a day on each of these.  The  more practice they get, the better!


Practise writing another letter. If necessary write it in the air first!


Today we are going to write another list.  This time we want you to think of as many different vehicles as you can.  A vehicle is something that carries people or things and it usually has four or more wheels, but some only have two! You might have lots of toy ones.  If you find them tricky to write then draw a little picture of them.  Remember to start a new line for each vehicle and use bullet points or numbers in your list.


This term in DT we are going to be designing and making a vehicle!  Today you are going to investigate a variety of vehicles and think about what they are used for.  Have a look at the slides below and answer the questions with a grown up.

Now open the file below.  You will find some worksheets and then lots of pictures of vehicles.  Choose your favourite and draw it on a piece of paper and label it.  There are worksheets attached with more complex activities for those of you who would like a greater challenge!  There is also a fun dominos game to play, which you would need to print off and cut out.

Tuesay 5th January 2021


Guided Reading

If you had any luck finding some losing stories yesterday please continue reading those today and drawing of who or what gets lost.


Today we are going to measure with non-standard units of measurement.  By this we mean cubes, same sized pieces of lego, counters or anything you have that the children could use to measure things with.  You could even use pieces of macaroni or fusilli!


Now find the following things and measure them using your special non-standard units of measurement:

a pencil

a book

a mobile

a fork

a teaspoon

a box


Choose some things of your own!  If you want to write down your answers and take a photo and send it to us, we will put it on the webpage, to inspire others!



Phonics and handwriting
Below is an interactive handwriting powerpoint.  If you open it and run the slide show you will be able to choose a letter, watch how it should be written and practise writing it yourself.  Make sure you use lined paper and write at least one line of the letter.


Look what I found outside the school when I was parking my car today!

Luckily it had a label attached to it.  I am going to wrap it up, write the address on it and send it to the owner!
Now it's your turn to do the same.  Find a teddy you REALLY DON'T WANT TO LOSE, write a label with your address on it (get mummy or daddy to help) and tie it round your teddy's neck.  That way you'll be sure not to lose it!


TEAMS- Together Everyone Achieves More

Watch the powerpoint about relationships and teams.  It will help you understand what it means to be part of a team.  

Now open the document below.  You will see three shapes for you to draw your different teams in.  You can ask your parents to print it off or copy the three shapes onto a piece of paper for you.

Monday 4th January 2021

Happy New Year to you all!

This term and next  our topic is A Toy's Story. We will be learning all about toys.


Guided Reading for Monday and Tuesday

This term we are going to be reading ‘Losing stories’.  We would like you to go and find some of your books.  Are any of them losing stories?  You might have books where someone gets lost, a toy gets lost or someone loses their memory!  If you can’t find one, go on line and read or listen to Dogger, by Shirley Hughes.  Then draw a picture of what gets lost,





We are measuring in maths!  Today we are using the words longer, shorter and taller  when comparing two things. 

Go around the house and collect:

Two books

Two pens or pencils

Two teddies

Two toy cars

Two pieces of pasta

Two lego bricks

Two chairs

Now decide which is longer/taller/shorter


Now do the same thing again but with three of each object!  Put them in order, starting with the shortest and finishing with the tallest/longest.



Ask an adult to help you get on this game: 

You will need to look at the prizes on the conveyor belt and decide which letters appear in the words.  They might be at the start or at the end.  Saying the name of the word out loud will help!


We will be writing lists in English. 

Write a list of the presents you got for Christmas.  Draw a picture of your favourite one under the list.

Remember to write each present on a new line!


This term in science we are learning about everyday materials.  Can you find examples of these materials around the house and outside in the garden?







Now can you think of two words to describe each material?


Find a small toy and build it a house.  What have you used to build your house?  Why?  Take a picture of the house!