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Happy Birthday Ben


Photos from Frankie and Max



Good Morning Wonderful Willows!


I hope you are all well on this beautiful sunny morning!


I am very much looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday morning - I expect you have all grown taller and lost some more teeth! This will be our last chance to get together as Team Willow, so I want to hear all your news and what you have been doing and learning whilst you have been at home!


Please complete your Learning Journeys for Terms 5 and 6 - see attachment below.



Joke of the Day: What do bears wear on their feet?  Nothing!  They have bare feet!  (Another homophone for our chart - bear/bare)


Maths Word problem:  I have 22 children in my class - how many sweets will I need if I give them two each?


Target word: Can you make a word out of this anagram?  MUSERM  How many smaller words can you make from the letters?


You might like to take part in this wildlife census:    Print off the survey and tick off the creatures you have seen in your garden.  Then transfer the results to the online form;  you have until the 19th July to complete the online form.


This looks very interesting:


If you love dinosaurs, this is the site for you!


Check out Reading Eggs for lots of resources


Can't wait to see you!


Lots of love,


Mrs. Ferguson x