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Photos from Sofia and Lucas

Teach Your Monster to Read Certificates for Sofia, Peyton and Ben



Hello Team Willow!


I hope you are all keeping well!

Keep an eye on the weather today, if you are going for a walk...go now, because it is going to rain later!


Joke of the day: Why was the maths book sad?  Because it had too many problems! 


Maths Word Problem:  Stickers cost £0.13 and Callum pays with a 20p coin.  How much change does Callum get?


Alphabet story:  Can you make up a 26 word story, where each word starts with a letter of the alphabet.  To make it harder, the words can be in alphabetical order, e.g. A boy called Dylan eats fiddly grapes hurriedly.  Isabella's juice keeps leaking mini nuts over Peter's quilt. Rather stupidly, this upsets Vera's wonky (e)xploding yellow zebra! 

I had fun doing it, but I am sure you can do better!


I found this on for all you wonderful Lego modellers:


Have a super day!




Mrs. Ferguson x





Good Morning, Willows!


How are you this morning?

It is so lovely to see all your photos and videos of the fun you have been having learning - keep sending them in, please!


Mrs. Collins, Ms. Kerrane, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Fitzgerald, all send their love to you and say they are really missing you! Bouncer and Betsy are making friends with our cat, Minty - or they are trying to, because she sleeps a lot of the time (she has just had her 20th birthday!).


Joke of the day:  Are monsters good at maths?  Not unless you count Dracula!


Maths Word Problem:  Toy penguins cost £4.00 each (expensive!).  Ashley's mum buys 10 to put in a parade. How much do the 10 penguins cost?


Story- telling Game: Can you write a story made up of three-letter words only, e.g. The hot sun was out and Sue ran off the bus.  She hit her arm, bit her lip and was all sad. Sam saw Sue and met her off the bus.  The End! 


I have found a great site for making things - inspired by Florrie's crab!  Have fun making a caterpillar!


Have a super day!




Mrs,Ferguson x



Video of Ben making a box

Still image for this video

Photos of Ben making a box

Hello from Mrs Ferguson

Still image for this video

Hello Willows!


I hope you are all well and enjoying the rain!  it does make everything look clean and fresh and it's fun to put your wellies on and splash in the puddles!


Joke of the day:  Did you hear about the hyenas who ate Oxo cubes?  They were the laughing stock of Africa!


Maths Word Problem:  Molly's dad says, 'If you save £12.00, I will double it.'  How much will Molly have after her dad has doubled her £12.00?


Chain letters:  How many words can you make from the word 'game', just by changing the first letter?



I hope you enjoyed seeing Bouncer and Betsy on my video;  they have been playing in the garden, watching the lambs running up and down.  They have also eaten all my carrots, so I must go and buy some more!


Keep washing and anti-baccing!




Mrs. Ferguson x



Video from Harry

Still image for this video

Video from Harry

Still image for this video