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This week in maths we are measuring.  The children are learning to use long and short for lengths and tall/high and short for heights.  They have also learned to measure things with non-standard units of measurement.  Tomorrow we will look at the last picture and see if any children can explain what the problem is.

Then we progressed onto rulers!

This week and last the children have learned how to wrap wool and they have attempted to plait!  Plaiting is a little too advanced... but a few were nearly there.

World Book Day.

What fantastic costumes the children have come in wearing today!


Today we have been looking at the words "Heavier and Lighter". The children enjoyed using the scales to compare the weight of different objects. We then looked at the word "Mass" and compared objects to see if the "Mass" was greater than, less than or equal to another object. 


First we listened to the piece of music "The Imperial March" by John Williams, the children listed all the different instruments they thought they could hear. We then had lots of "noisy" fun playing our ocarinas to our song "Round and Round".