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Here are the spellings for next week. The spelling challenge for these spellings will be on Friday 3 March. 

The children came back in from play on Tuesday to find three bowls of porridge, one of which had been eaten! The question 'who has been here?' was posed. The children discussed this and decided it must have been Goldilocks. Mr Elgar came bursting into the classroom to tell us that something serious had happened and that there is a wanted person on the loose for breaking and entering the three bears house! The children decided they would need to make wanted posters but first had to make sure the description of Goldilocks was accurate by using adjectives. 

Our learning question in RE this term is 'Why does Easter matter to Christians?' We looked at lots of delicious Easter food (pancakes, hot cross buns, chocolate eggs) and discussed whether this food is the most important thing about Easter for many Christians. We talked about the symbolism of each piece of food and had a taste too!

Hockey in PE today. 

This term we are learning about Plants in Science. Today the children looked closely at a selection of seeds and shared their observations. We then talked about what is important about these seeds, pips and kernels and what is their job. We read a lovely book by called Travelling Seeds by Rebecca Bielawski which tells the story of the different way seeds are dispersed (through animals eating them, sticking to animals, being blown by the wind, floated off by the water, bursting open or gravity).