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Good morning!

So sorry to hear that so many of you have Covid now. It's very quiet in Silver Birch class this morning!

We have suspended the normal curriculum as we do not think we can do justice to it with so many children off, we will therefore be concentrating on some key skills, which will help when we're all back together again. Please remember to practise your spellings and read each day.



Monday Art. Try some shadow drawing - we are going to do an Indian scene using plastic toy animals. If you have time, paint a background that you can stick your shadow pictures onto.

I hope the learning went well today - I'm looking forward to reading your stories!

In class we used the Indian flag as a background for our silhouettes (we found it hard to hold a torch still for long enough to draw around the shadows and the sun didn't stay out for long enough!)


Tuesday Maths - we're going to continue practising our times tables. Please do the Word Searches for 3 times table (page 3), four times table (page 2) and those of you on Silver Badge tests can have a go at the 8 times table wordsearch (page 4). Next use your times tables knowledge to try the Division Race on page 5 (3x), 6 (4x) and 7 (8x).


You'll all be experts by the time we do our next times tables test!

Tuesday English - please read the text about India (page 1 and 2) and answer the questions on page 3.

Tuesday - Topic

Make a poster or factfile (you can use the attached template if you like, or just design your own poster) all about India and what you have found out so far. Use information from the reading comprehension this morning to help you too!

I hope you are all feeling much better now. We had 7 children in class today, so it looks like you'll all be back soon!


For Maths on Wednesday please use the same booklet we used today and do the doubling worksheet on page 8, then the multiplication triangles on page 9 and 10. If you have time try the deriving related multiplication facts from know facts on page 18.


Wednesday Maths: page 8, 9, 10. If time page 18

For English we will be reading/watching some more Indian Traditional Tales (do you remember the story we read at the beginning of term about the Elephant's Friend?). 

Watch the short stories and think about what the message is for each story. Now make up you own story with a message - we call this a "moral". Remember to include Indian animals in your story. Use illustrations to bring your story to life. 

I look forward to being able to use some of your stories for our display!


Copy and paste these links:

The Talkative Tortoise:

The Golden Swan:

The Monkey and the Crocodile:

The foolish Lion and the clever Rabbit:

We usually have PE in the afternoon on Wednesday, so try to get active in the garden or indoors. We will be looking at some Indian style dancing in class, so you could try some Indian dancing!

Here are some links for Bollywood dancing lessons:

Thursday Maths

In Maths this term we have been learning about measures (with Mrs Cronin).


Watch this BBC Bitesize clip to remember what we have learnt about measuring length and mass: 


Practise your measuring skills and conversion from cm to m and cm. What else can you find to measure in your house? I have also attached a printable ruler, just in case you don't have one at home.

Thursday English


Watch this BBC bitesize clip to learn about Fronted Adverbials. 


Remember what we have already learnt about adverbs? They give us more information about how, when, why or where a verb happened.


Complete the sentences by adding a fronted adverbial. Can you have a go at completing the extra challenge sheet as well?

Comprehension Activity

On Thursdays, we complete a comprehension reading and questions activity. Choose your level, or have a go at both!


This week we continue our journey through the book of Exodus, learning more about the story of God's people after they escaped slavery in Egypt. Watch this clip to find out what happened next:


Task 1:

Write one or more sentences to answer the following question:

Are the 10 commandments still helpful rules for us today?

Remember to give reasons for your answer! 


Task 2:

Make a list of all the ways that someone could obey the commandment: Respect your parents. Try to include at least 3.

Handwriting/Spelling Practice

Complete these sheet in cursive script to improve your handwriting and spellings.

Friday Maths

We have been learning about measuring mass in grams and kilograms. If you are at home, you could try some baking - measuring out the ingredients would be excellent practice! I have added a recipe for Tiger Bread if you want to give it a go - yum yum!


If not can you complete the mass challenge questions?

Using Fronted Adverbials in Independent Writing

Use fronted adverbials to write a description of the picture. The first sentence has been done for you. Remember to always place a comma after the fronted adverbial to separate it from the main clause.


I look forward to reading your work!

Friday Art

We continue to look at rangoli patterns in art this week. Can you colour and make this beautiful rangoli pattern lantern?