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Friday 26th November


Once again we have been busy bees in Oak class, working hard and learning lots.


Mrs Short showed us a very powerful animation this week called 'The Piano'. It features an old man playing the piano and remembering his time in the war.  There are no words to tell the story - just the pictures and the music. Once we had watched it, we talked about the story and learnt how to write the story using powerful vocabulary to reflect what was happening. We produced some excellent writing. You can watch a copy of the film below.


We are still very much enjoying our topic work on Ancient Greece and this week we compared life in the city states of Athens and Sparta. Then, on Thursday with Mrs Godden, we completed a short comprehension on Spartan life, learning how hard and restrictive it was, specially for young boys.


Mrs Short also found some boxes of amazing insects from around the world captured in clear resin so that they can be examined in detail, so for this week's Science we each took one, drew it and labelled its parts. They were really fascinating (and perhaps a bit creepy) to look at.


We continue to practise our hockey skills in PE and on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, we played some matches. We have some talented hockey players in the class, but it is clear that everyone has made really good progress in this sport. Perhaps some of us will go on to join the hockey teams in our new schools next September?


Have a fun weekend everyone.


Best wishes


Mrs Short and Mrs Godden