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Week 5 29.06.20

Good morning Hazel class,


Hope you all had a good week and managed to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.


We have a class Zoom session on Tuesday at 10.00am - look forward to seeing you all there! If you would like to send in photos of your home learning, we would love to hear from you.


Have a lovely week.


Mrs Grady & Ms Shepherd xx


This week we are continuing to look at alternative spellings for phonemes.

Monday: Today we are looking at the phoneme ‘igh’ and the spellings for words such as tie, slime, buy and variety. These words have the same ‘igh’ sound but are spelt with a ‘ie’, ‘i_e’, ‘y’ or ‘i’.


Read the Kite Festival Phoneme spotter. How many different graphemes can you find for the ‘igh’ phoneme?

Tuesday: Today we will continue to look at the alternative spellings for the 'igh' phoneme. 


Can you sort my list of words into the correct columns?

Wednesday: Today is ‘sh’ and the spellings for words such as chef, station, mission, sugar and suspicion. These words have the same 'sh' sound but are spelt differently. 


Have a go at the ‘sh’ phoneme spotter story. How many different graphemes can you find for the ‘sh’ phoneme?



Today we are looking at the ‘ai’ phoneme and the alternative spellings for this sound such as mate, hay, eight, baby and grey. These words have the same ‘ai’ sound but are spelt with a ‘a_e’, ‘ay’, ‘eigh’, ‘a’ or ‘y’.


Have a go at the word sort activity at the link below. Can you drag the words into the correct column?

500 Words

500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for children. It is open to children aged between 5 - 13 so you can enter! Click on the link below to find out more information. 



Activity One 

LI: I can understand what weather forecasts show?

A weather forecast tells us what the weather will be in the next few days. Scientists study the weather and use computers to make forecasts. (A scientist who studies the weather is called a meteorologist).

Watch this weather forecasting clip.


Weather forecasts help people to be prepared for different kinds of weather. Did you see the different weather symbols? Weather symbols are pictures or signs to help us understand a type of weather e.g. sunny, windy, cloudy.

Here are some different symbols that are used to show the different types of weather.

Can you guess what they all mean?

Use the sheet below to record the weather for a week. Draw the weather symbol in the box for each day.

Activity Two

LI: I can make a fruit skewer

Last week you had a go at designing a healthy picnic skewer. Today you are going to make a fruit skewer. These fruit skewers are vitamin-packed, colourful and simple to make.


Have a look at the instructions below.


Here are my skewers.

Activity Three

LI: I can create my own Street Art

Have a go at creating your own street art at the link below from the Tate. Here’s mine!

Activity Four:

LI: I can explain the difference between the things we want and we need.

We are continuing to learn about the role money plays in our lives. Today we are thinking about the difference between things we want and things we need? Why is it important to understand this?


Look at this slide with a grown-up who can help you think about and answer the questions.  

Complete the ‘want or need shopping list’ below to help Theo go shopping for his packed lunch for a school trip. He thinks he has a bit too much money so might treat himself! What do you think he should buy? Use the ‘items to buy’ list to help you decide.   

Activity Five:

LI: I can make my own book on the computer.

See below for the link for this weeks computing task - Adding backgrounds.