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Dear Parents,

There will not be many pictures to show you as we are very understaffed this week and do not have the resources to take pictures, post them etc.  Apologies for this.

We will also be unable to send home reading books, so please keep the books you have and choose books from home.

Every time we do PE there is an issue over whose fleece is whose.  Please, please, please would you label your children's clothing we have no way of identifying which fleece belongs to which child... today we resorted to the 'sniff test'.  In other words, if it smelt like theirs they took it.

This week in maths we are working on number bonds to 5,6,7,,8,9,10.  The children find it tricky but they do know a song to help them.  Ask them to sing it to you! 

Here are some pictures of gymnastics this week.