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Week 7 13.07.2020

Hi everyone,

We're finally into the last week of what has been the most bizarre year!  We'd like to say a huge well done and thank you to all parents and children for all of their hard work and support during this time.

We hope you can make our end of year class session on the school field next Wednesday.  It will be  a real informal, relaxed chat!  We are so excited to see you all in person at last!


This week's Maths and English is based around the BBC Bitesize learning that I know many of you have already used.  

Each day, we'd like the children to select a Maths and English concept that they would like to complete.  For example, they may not have felt very confident with angles, so they could do that session, or they haven't done any non-fiction work for a while in English, so they choose to do some of that genre.

Have fun, take care and have an amazing Summer holidays :)


Topic - Brazil tourism leaflet


Create an information leaflet that could be given to someone who may be visiting Brazil, so that they know what to expect.

Include an exciting introduction and then use 6 different sub-headings to focus on.  These could be food, climate, landmarks, languages, children, schools, buildings, carnivals, leisure.

Include pictures and maps.


Advertise the country - make it sound like the place everyone would want to visit!

Computing - Advertising and Evaluating


Create a poster to advertise your video.  Use a title/ slogan and make it bright, bold and catchy.  Why should someone want to watch your film?


Write an evaluation for your video.  Inlcude:

  • What is was about.
  • Why you chose that theme.
  • Who or what was in it.
  • What worked well.
  • What problem did you have.
  • How was the problem solved?
  • What would you do differently next time you created a film?