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WC 15.04.24

Welcome back to term 5 and the Summer term.

This term we have started our decimal unit in maths, using place value to help with our understanding if converting them into fractions.  We began to read our new text in English, 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes, exploring how the author uses different techniques in creating atmosphere to hook the reader in.  In RE we started our unit of Kingdom of God, visiting the story of Pentecost through a puppet show.  In topic we leant about key rivers in the UK and learnt some new river features.  Our amazing river display is now up, created by Mrs Glass many years ago.  We hope you have the opportunity to see this wonderful artwork!  Respect and manners was our focus in PSHE, and we didn't always agree on what behaviours could be showing good or bad manners.  For example, using a mobile phone at the dinner table!

Have a lovely weekend, hopefully in the dry!

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett.

Performing 'The coming of the Iron Man' poem