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The children are on the long journey of knowing their number bonds to ten.  We say long because many still struggle in key stage two with this.  Knowing umber bonds to ten is one of the most useful skills!

We have had our first rehearsal for the Christmas nativity play  and at the same time we are looking at what exactly happened in the story and trying to sequence some of the events.

In DT the children have been making moving pictures using 'sliders'.  They have made a car move along the street, a rabbit pop out of a hat and are planning how to get Humpty Dumpty to fall off the wall!


We have been using a number line in maths this morning to help with our number sentences. Some of us found it quite tricky because we don't have to start at 0. The children tried hard not to use their fingers and instead to draw the jumps needed on the number line when adding. 


The children have worked as a class to write their very own book called " Rabbit Hunts For Bear!",  illustrated by the very talented Mrs Fitzgerald! This has given them ideas ready to create their own individual books on Monday. 


Today we have been looking at how to recognise other peoples emotions. We had a think of how people can show emotions through their body language. The children then went off and had a go at  role playing different scenarios and how we would emotionally react.