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Term 5

Week 1

Week ending 23.4.21



We have had a super exciting week in Willow Class!  On Thursday, eight  chicken eggs arrived for us to hatch in an incubator. The first chick hatched at 5.30 pm. (see the pictures, below). Then when we arrived at school on Friday, six more had hatched.  We were quite worried about the last egg, for although it had a big crack down one side, there was no sound or movement from it. Mrs. Ferguson, kept jiggling the incubator, trying to encourage it!  Then when the children came in after lunch, we noticed a hole in the shell and soon after a little, bedraggled ginger chick emerged, much to our relief! It was a girl!  We are very much looking forward to looking after our chickens, when they have grown a bit.


It was St. George's Day on Friday and Shakespeare's birthday and the date he died!


We had another near palindromic date on Wednesday - 21.4.21.


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 times table.'

'I learned the alternative spellings for the 'sh' phoneme.'

'I learned how to rotate a letter, for a quarter, half, three-quarter and whole turn.'

'I did my Star Reader test.'

'I learned how to rotate a 'tile' to make a pattern.'

'I learned to write a diary in the style of Samuel Pepys.'

'I learned to write a non-fiction report about the characteristics of a snow leopard.'

'I learned how to dead head daffodils and clear the beds of weeds, to prepare them for planting.'

'I wrote a recount of how the chicks hatched in Willow Class.'

'I started to learn a song from Charanga.'