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We have had some lovely homemade books in  this term.  The children are even putting in rhyming words and interesting facts!  Some of the books have features of real books, such as the contents page and a blurb.

In maths this week we are differentiating between tens and ones.  The children need to be identify tens and ones, how many tens and ones there are and what the value of the tens is.  This is very hard for some so they need lots of practice!  

We talked about why Christians think Easter matters.  Most children thought it was because the Easter Bunny comes, but some came out with some amazing responses...'Because Jesus died on the cross and they celebrate it because he came back to life one day, and it mattered'.  Then we took them out for a walk to look for signs of Spring to see if they could make the connection between new birth and Jesus rising again.  A bit of a heady concept for 5 and 6 year olds!


Today we researched "George Stephenson", who he was and what he did.Together in small groups the children created mind maps of all the facts they had found out. We found out that George never went to school when he was a child, the children has lots of different opinions on this, with one saying "Oh wow, he was so lucky" and another saying "I would hate to never come to school" and finally "Well in them olden days i don't think schools were invented!"