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Power point from today's Meet the Teacher session

Weekly Information


Times Table test - Tuesday


PE - Wednesday (But can PE kit stay in school at all times)


Spelling Test - Thursday


Spelling Homework - Handed out Friday - due in Wednesday


Timetables and reading practice throughout the week.

Welcome to Silver Birch!

We have had a fantastic first week here in Silver Birch, the children have settled in amazingly and we are very much looking forward to what the year has in store for us. 

This week we have enjoyed an array of activities, from making cards, introducing ourselves as characters from a story in writing, working together to solve maths problems and recreating the planets of the solar system to name but a few. 

The children have received their first lot of spelling homework this week, depending on their group (which has been assigned) they will be expected to learn 5, 10 or 15 words and be tested next Thursday. 

Enjoy a restful and well earned weekend and we look forward to another fun week of learning next week!

The Silver Birch Team 


Recreating the Solar System

Recreating the Solar System 1
Recreating the Solar System 2
Recreating the Solar System 3

Being Shape Detectives in Maths

Week 2


We began the week by learning about the history of space travel.  In Maths we have studied 2D shapes and worked on activities based around place value.  In English we wrote a diary recount and began our text; 'The Egyptian Cinderella.'  In topic we became time travellers where we travelled through time on a time machine and met Queen Victoria, Henry VIII, Ancient Greeks and even Jesus!  We ordered many important events from history in chronological order.  We practiced typing skills in computing and how to greet each other in French.

We hope you are able to join us at the Meet the Teacher session on Wednesday next week to find out about all the fun we have in Silver Birch class.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Week 3


This week we have been continuing with Place Value in Maths, looking at values of digits and using a number line.  In English we wrote setting descriptions and letters in role.  We discovered more about Egypt as a country and located significant places and landmarks on using maps using the playground as our canvas.  Year 3s (whilst the Year 4s were at hockey) started to design a poster for an Ancient Egyptian restaurant, which will eventually be created using a computer program.  We greeted each other in French, and asked how we were and what our names are.  In RE we explored the beauty of God's creation by visiting places around the school and taking snapshots of something that had the 'Wow' factor.  In Science we became the Earth, Sun and Moon and this time the playground was the solar system!  On Friday, we had an amazing opportunity to visit the Manor House in Elham village and was given a detailed tour by the owners.  We discovered many fascinating facts about this beautiful building and the children have been inspired by this visit which they will turn into a story next week.

Thank you to the parents that attended our session on Wednesday, it was lovely to see so many of you there

Maths Place value

RE - Nature's Wow Factor!

Elham Manor House

Week 4


This week we have continued our exploration of place value in maths, counting on and back in different values. We have also been exploring 2D shapes, with a particular focus on angles and hunting for right angles. 

In English we used the inspiring visit to the Elham Manor house to plan and write our own stories and we have been learning all about expanded noun phrases in order to make our writing more interesting. 

We are now experts on all the planets in the Solar System after our exciting learning in science this week- feel free to quiz us!


Optional Homework- I have asked the children to design their own written language system like the Ancient Egyptians. The most intricate will win a prize.


Creating our Egptian Cartouches

Creating our Egptian Cartouches 1
Creating our Egptian Cartouches 2
Creating our Egptian Cartouches 3

Week 5


This week we've been finding 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than a number in Maths, and identifying angles in shapes.  In English we started our new text; 'Secrets of the Sun King', and did lots of predicting.  We studied what life was like in Ancient Egyptian times and performed the poem, 'Melvin the Mummy.'  Year 3 started their swimming lessons, whilst Year 4 enjoyed some extra maths with Mrs Hams.  On Friday, we had our Harvest assembly at church.  We performed our song, 'Riding Tractors is Fun,' which we really enjoyed!

The Hobbit Production

Week 6


This week we've been comparing numbers and angles in Maths, building suspense and using editing skills in English, and learning about the Creation story in RE. Year 4s have been continuing with their hockey training and Year 3s have been learning different computing techniques using the program; Publisher.  We finished the week with an exciting visit from the author James Campbell.

Book Week

Tales From the Book of Life