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Friday 1st October 2021


Good afternoon everyone


We have had another very busy week where we have packed in lots of different learning.


In English we have been writing character descriptions and in Topic we have looked at the evidence of life in Ancient Greece. We have also been revising the subject of fractions and learning to measure and draw angles accurately using a protractor.


In Science we investigated how white light is a combination of all the colours in the visible spectrum - violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and yellow. We did this by making a colour spinner where the colours blended together to make white when spun quickly enough. There is a video below if you want to make one at home.


On Thursday we were tested on our 9x, 11x and 12x tables and those of us who got them all correct will be starting on Bronze 1 next week. If you are still not secure on every table, there are lots of good online resources to help you learn them by heart. This is a very good one:


It is also great to see so many of the class getting all their spellings correct each week - some of you have already moved up a group. Super work everyone!


Also, on Friday afternoon we learnt how websites are ranked by search engines using spiders or web crawlers. In groups we created a quick design for the home page of a website about Elham Forest School. These were then scored according to the criteria a search engine would use. It was a lots of fun and we now know about the algorithms that search engines use and how the top results are normally the most reliable. If you want to know more yourself, below if the video we watched in class.


Finally, we listened to and discussed The Carpenters' song 'On Top Of The World' in music and had to guess how old it was. Well done to Gabriy'el for guessing correctly - unbelievably it was released in 1972 and will be 50 years old in 2022! Well done to Sabine too for identifying its genre as Country.


This week has seen a mixture of sunshine and showers (some of them torrential), so let's hope we may enjoy more settled weather next week.


Enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Godden and Mrs Short

A Colour Wheel