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We started the week learning about the Celebration trees in Elham, and then planned and wrote a story from a tree's view of life in the village past and present.  We chose to tell the story from one of the trees planted along New Road for the Coronation of King George V in 1910.  I was very impressed with the level of enthusiasm from the children and the standard of the stories they've produced.  In Maths we learnt about scaling and the Distributive law.  It started with me drinking neat squash, before we worked out a ratio of squash to water!  In RE we learnt about Ghandi and how he is considered a Hindu hero, but also about some controversy around some of his beliefs.  We compared the lives of rich and poor Victorians, and discussed why there was such a gap between these social classes.  It was interesting to consider if today's society is any different, especially in attitudes.  Our artist this term is Banksy, and instead of recreating some of his popular artwork, we took a more controversial stance of recreating his mural in Clacton of some anti-immigration pigeons.  We gave the pigeons some welcoming signs, encouraging those coming into our country to feel safe and valued.  We have been having lots of discussions this week about friendships and bullying.  We spoke about kindness, standing up to bullies (without revenge and violence) and treating each other how we wish to be treated.  It would be really valuable if perhaps these conversations could continue at home too.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend,

Mrs Hall