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Sports Week


Thanks to Jack and Josh from Venture Sports we have enjoyed a fantastic week of sporting events including zorbing, go-karting, football, basketball, benchball, tag archery, dodgeball and diamond cricket. We were encouraged to try every activity, even in we found it a little scary or challenging. As Mr File told us on sports day: 'If you don't give it a go, you'll never know.'


Mrs Godden asked each of us which of this week's activities we enjoyed most and why. These were our answers and ask you can see we all liked different sports:


Zorbing because I hadn't done it before. It was really fun as I kept tumbling around inside. (Eddie).

Archery because it was fun and calming for me. It was also the only sport that Year 6 Green team won! I also liked the zorbs as well, but it was boiling inside them. The diamond cricket was fun as well because sometimes I hit it really far. (Beau)

Football because I liked playing football with my team mates. I also enjoyed the archery tag because I had never done it before and it was great fun. (Ruby)

Football because I really liked playing as a team and working together to score goals and bringing back points for our team. (Lillie)

Zorbing because I had a laugh and I had never tried it before and it was very fun. I also liked it because it felt weird being inside a big blow up ball, but it was really fun and a new experience. (Lucy)

Zorbing because it was really fund and I've wanted to try it for a while and I kept falling over which made me laugh. (Hollie)

Zorbing because it felt really weird in the zorbs and if you fell over you did a couple of rolls after because the zorb kept going even if you fell over! Unfortunately, I really hurt my toe doing it because it went sideways, but it was really fun anyway. (Elliot)

Basketball because I did well and it was really fun doing two teams vs two teams. (Oscar N)

Zorbing because it was quite hard to move around, but after I had a couple more goes it became easier and I enjoyed it more. (Joanna)

Benchball because Blue team was really good at passing and catching so it made it a lot easier. I also think we had good communication so we worked together which made us win. (Scarlett)

Zorbing because it is a sport you don't do very often and it is very fun. (Ryan)

Archery because I enjoyed it as it was fun and we did it as a team and our team all had great fun while doing it. (Phoebe)

Tag archery because it was really fun and you could do anything and be creative. (Amelie)

Football because we won against Water and Earth and we won the whole thing. Also, I liked it because our team was amazing and I play for a football club names Lyminge Youth FC. (Jack)

Diamond cricket because it was really fun how to have to have people everywhere because the ball could go anywhere. (Grace)

Zorbs and archery. I like zorbs because it was fun running in a ball and I have never done it before so it was nice to try it. I like archery because it was fun to shoot people, but the masks we had to wear were very annoying because they were too big. (Sarah)

Either the zorbing, basketball or football because for zorbing I had never tried it before and it was really fun. For basketball I enjoyed it because I helped my team by passing it and dribbling it, but it was also really fun. I really enjoyed football though as it was really enjoyable, but it was hard aswell. I think overall my favourite was the zorbing. (Erin)

Archery because I was good at it and it was really fun. (Oscar A)

Archery because it was fun to shoot at other people in a combat kind of style. (Zach)


Friday's sports day was a whole lot of fun too with each house completing eight different activities followed by running races for each year group and a final relay race. It was very close between the top two teams, but the final winners of the whole week were Water (the Blue team). Below is a selection of photos showing some of the fun we had this week.


Sadly for us all, next week will be Year 6's last one at Elham School, but we have lots of fantastic events planned for you and we will make it a week to remember. Don't forget to bring a packed lunch on Monday and wear clothing suitable for the Skywalk.


Finally, end of year reports were sent home today and each member of the class received their 'Leavers 21' hoody. You can see us modelling them in the photo gallery below.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Best wishes


Mrs Godden and Mrs Short





Sports Week Activities and Oak Class in their 'Leavers 21' hoodies