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We have  been gardening!  First of all we had to clear the plot of weeds, then we sowed spinach.  Over the week we will also sow broad beans and plant some spring flowering bulbs.

This week in Science we have investigated our sense of smell.  The children learned that not everyone finds the same smells good or bad and that it is sometimes tricky to identify a smell if you don't know what it is you are smelling.  Sight is important too!

The quietest lesson of the week is always Art.  The children are so focussed doing something they clearly enjoy, it's a shame every lesson can't be art!  This week the children have created abstract pictures using geometric shapes and different media: crayon, pencils and felt tips.


We have come to the end of our learning based on the book "Leo and The Octopus". We put together all that we have learnt so far and made a beautiful brochure to send to the London Aquarium. The children all worked super hard on this, very well done Hazels!

We layed out a large sheet of paper for the children to create whatever they liked on it. It soon turned into a wonderful underwater scene where the children began telling stories as they each drew a creature. It was lovely to listen to their wonderful imaginations. 

Goodbye Mrs McCoy!! 

As a special treat Willow Class came and joined us for a little party to say a Massive THANK YOU and goodbye to Mrs McCoy as it was her last day today, she will be greatly missed by us all!


We looked at the village of Elham in todays topic lesson. The children loved looking through the books of Elham and seeing how it looked in the olden days. Some children were able to remember the words "ariel view". We talked about the physical and human features of the village and drew a picture to see if we could remember which was which.