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Term 3

Week 3

Week ending 22.1.21


What have we learned this week?

'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned how to add the suffix 'ing' to the end of verbs.'

'I learned how to use adverbs to make my writing more exciting.'

'I learned how to make expanded noun phrases.'

'I wrote an invitation.'

'I learned to write sentences in the past tense.'

'I learned strategies for adding three one digit numbers.'

'I learned strategies for adding and subtracting two digit numbers.'

'I learned what life was like in the 17th century.'

'I learned about the properties of different materials.'

'I learned about Saul and how he changed his mind to follow Jesus.'

'I learned about Pablo Picasso and made a portrait by cutting pictures of faces up and rearranging them.'

'I learned about different emotions and drew emojis to show nice and nasty feelings.'