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Photos from Ben, Megan and Willow



Hello Willows!


I hope you are all well!


The sun has got his hat on today - and it looks set fair for the weekend - hip, hip, horray!


Joke of the day:  What is the difference between a cat that got photocopied and a cat that follows you?

One is a cat copy and the other is a copy cat!


Maths Word Problem:  Ella thinks each person at her party will eat 2 biscuits.


There will be 6 people. How many biscuits does she need to make?


Target Word:  Can you make a word out of this anagram?: ENFIDR.  How many words can you make by using the letters?


These two sites have been recommended for their storytelling, fiction: and


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend,



Mrs. Ferguson x



Good Morning Willows!


I hope you are all keeping well!


Thank you to everyone who has been sending in photos and videos - please keep sending them in - we love them!


Joke of the day:  What did the cat say when he fell off the table?  Me-ow!


Maths Word Problem:  How many wheels are on one tricycle?  How many wheels on 5 tricycles?


Target Word: Can you find the word in this anagram? TASRME  How many other words can you find using these letters?


It is National Numeracy Day!   Have fun exploring the different activities.


If you are struggling to keep to a timetable and would like more of a structure, Classroom Secrets have well-thought out timetables, with plenty of breaks to keep children motivated:


Have a lovely day!




Mrs.Ferguson x


P.S.  So many of you have sent me your wonderful Kindness Prayers, perhaps you would like to fill in a Daily Acts of Kindness calendar, attached below.


Daily Acts of Kindness Calendar

Harry's circus trick!

Still image for this video

Harry on his bike

Still image for this video

Harry Trainng Muzzy

Still image for this video

Harry Having Fun

Still image for this video

Harry's Lego Demonstration Video

Still image for this video

Arthur's Kindness Prayer

Happy Birthday Rome



Good Afternoon Willows!


I hope you are all well and had a wonderful V.E. Day commemoration!  


Thank you very much for your lovely photos - please keep sending them in: it is great to see your beautiful faces and the work you are doing!


Joke of the day: What do you call a nose without a body?  Nobody knows! (Another homophone to add to our list: nose/knows)


Maths Word Problem: There are 25 sheep in a field.  Eleven more sheep are put in the field.  How many sheep are in the field now?


Target Word:  This word has been muddled up (an anagram): ARETHEC

Can you find out what the word is and see how many other words you can make from the letters?   


Did you know it is National Nursing Day, which commemorates the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth?


It was also World Migrating Bird Day on Sunday; this is an interesting site:


I was sent this link by the BBC - there are some useful tips and resources about home learning:


Keep safe,




Mrs.Ferguson x