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Friday 20th May 2022


Hello Everyone


We have enjoyed another sunny week of learning.  Our main focus in Literacy this week has been to write a piece about a tree in Elham for this year's writing competion. This links in with the school having planted seven silver birch trees to celebrate the Queen's Plantinum Jubilee in June. Some of us wrote stories and some of us poems and we can't wait to see who will be the winner in Year 6.


We spent a fun and educational morning at the Safety in Action event in Folkestone on Thursday morning - see the photos below. We enjoyed a carousel of activities which taught us how to deal with the following:


  • Water safety
  • Railway safety
  • Peer pressure
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Road safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Online safety
  • The importance of regular school attendance


We learnt so much. Here are some quotes from the class explaining what they learnt:


'I learnt that in a fire, it is important to shout 'Fire!' rather than 'Help!' (Joe A)

'I learnt that if you get into difficulty in cold water, you should spread out like a starfish and float until help arrives (rather than treading water).' (Gabriy'el)

'I learnt that that you shouldn't grad something off the rails at a train station as the middle rail is electrified and extremely dangerous.' (Sabine)

'I learnt about the different types of electrical currents in the railway track. AC currents push you away and DC currents draw you in.' (Samuel)

'I learnt that they is an assistance point at all railway stations and level crossings where you can call for help if necessary.' (Beaumont)

'I learnt about the Life Guard flags and what they all mean. I also learnt that in a fire, doors can keep fire back for up to 30 minutes' (Joe H)


Finally, look out for each class's Jubilee themed scarecrow coming soon.  Beech class's Queen Victoria is already complete (and looks amazing) and our class's Boudicca is almost ready for display.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Mrs Godden and Mrs Short