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Term 5

Gerald's Travels - 24.5.19

This weekend stayed in Hawkinge! He has come back tired as he went to school again at the weekend. He even got to go and explore at Brockhill Country Park! In our lesson this afternoon we found these places on a map (some were very hard to find). Well done Hazel class for finding these places! You are all getting more confident with using a map.


Next Term in our Topic lesson we are going to be going for a walk around Elham village to look at the history of our local area. We are looking forward to planning our trip around the village and hope to learn lots that we can share with you. 

week 5

We celebrated the end of term today by taking our maths learning into the reception class outside area, where we played maths games, measured capacity, wrote number sentences, weighed numicon, and recorded our scores in tallies.

No spellings this week as it is the end of term!

Have a great holiday.

maths activities

Science - Discovering Microhabitats.

Gerald's Travels - 14.5.19

This weekend Gerald had a fabulous time staying in Folkestone! He has come back very tired as had a very busy weekend. On the Saturday he had a delicious breakfast and then went to a dance and drama class. Sunday was incredibly busy, as he went to Wingham bird park (where he met some dinosaurs and birds) and then went to a birthday party. Can you believe he saw some of the children from Hazel class there. In our lesson today we found these places on a map. Well done Hazel class for locating these places easily! You are all getting more confident with using a map.



During forest school this week the children had a number of activities to choose from. The children could choose from these activities;  doing an activity with Mr Ireland, they could make habitats for the toy animals, they could climb trees, they could swing in the hammocks and enjoy the quiet surrounding around them or they could use the clay. Some decided to join me in using the clay to make woodland animals or pieces of art work to place in the woodland we use for forest school. These are the creations the children and Mrs Pullen made. 

Hazel classes clay creations! 13.5.19

Gerald's Travels - 7.5.19

Last bank holiday weekend, Gerald was very lucky as he stayed in Hawkinge! On the Saturday he went to Folkestone sport centre to watch some tennis. Sunday Gerald went to Wingham to see goats and lizards. Finally, he also went to work on the Euro Tunnel. In our lesson today we found these places on this map. Well done Hazel class for locating these places!

week 4

This week in maths we are measuring.  We have started the week measuring weight and will then move onto measuring capacity.  We use bucket scales to help the children compare the weights of two objects to see which was heavier, then we measured the weight of objects with cubes and made a 'block graph' out of the results.

weighing with non-standard units of measurement (cubes)

weighing using real units of measurement and putting our results onto a block graph

Every Monday we read to Jess!

week 3

We have been reading and enjoying the book Dear Greenpeace this term.  The book is all about a little girl, Emily, who writes to Greenpeace, asking for information about whales.  Each page there is a different letter, and so we are learning to write letters through this book.  

We have completed a 'lette rmap', which the children can now read fairly fluently.  Next week we will 'box up' the text into different sections and then start composing on our own.

Letter map of a letter to Greenpeace

Week 2

Gerald's Travels - 30.4.19

This weekend Gerald was very lucky as he stayed in Elham (to watch Mary Poppins) and he went to Folkestone (to do some shopping). In our lesson today we found these places on a map. Well done Hazel class for finding these places so quickly!

Week 1

Welcome back after a lovely long holiday!  I hope everyone feels refreshed.

Today you will find the children's new targets in their reading records.  Please discuss them together and support them with these targets.  The children have already read and discussed them in class, but there's nothing like a bit of reinforcement from home!

Some of you will find a post-it note on the same page with the children's handwritten spellings to learn for next Friday.

The children had an extra cricket session today and really enjoyed using the bats.

Reading our targets in class

Gerald the Giraffe! 25.4.19

This afternoon in our Topic lesson, we have been looking at features of maps, compass directions and we have begun discussing our Local Area. 

We would like to introduce Gerald the Giraffe, who is looking forward to come and stay with each of you soon and have some exciting adventures! I hope you have a fantastic time with him. I wonder who will be first to take him home!

Many thanks Mrs Pullen. 

Mona Lisa Artwork - 23.4.19

This afternoon we have been finishing our learning about Leonardo Da Vinci. The children wanted to tell you about what they have been doing. 

 "It's really fun doing painting."

 "We enjoyed painting ourselves as Mona Lisa."

 "We learnt to paint slowly and carefully in the lines."

 "We used crayons and water colour to paint our backgrounds. We learnt that the paint doesn't go on top of the crayon."