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In DT the children had go at making boats from sticks. They could chose either string, tape or glue to attach the sticks to each other and they then designed a sail. The children had great fun outside testing the their boats to see if they would float whilst carrying a Haribo passenger!

In SRE the children were introduced to the concept of growing and changing. We talked about how babies become children and then adults and also discussed the differences between boy and girl babies.


The children had fun ordering a set of pictures of people from youngest to oldest and then labelled the pictures. 


It was great to see all the children's baby and toddler pictures. Thank you so much for sending these in. The children really enjoyed sharing these with each other. 

In computing we are learning about programming floor robots.  They are called bee-bots and we have learned that we have to give them commands and program our commands into the bee-bots.  

This week in history the children have been learning to use photographs to find out what seaside holidays were like a long time ago.  

Now they are in the process of painting a historical seaside scene.