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Term 5

Term 5


Dear Parents,


Below is a guide to what your child will be learning in Willow Class this term.  If you have any queries, please contact me.




We will be learning to read and spell words with long vowel digraphs, i.e.: ‘ear’ (hear), ‘eer’, ‘ea’ (head), ‘air’,’ere’, ‘are’, ‘ear’, ‘or’, ‘oor’, ‘aw’, ‘au’, ‘ore’, ‘er’, ‘ur’, ‘ir’, suffixes, eg. ‘ed’, ‘ly’, and ‘ful’, homographs (words with the same spelling, but different sound, eg. bow and read) and high frequency words. At the beginning of each week the children will be given spellings to learn, these will be tested on Friday.  We will be investigating the use of capital letters, commas, question and exclamation marks and using them in our writing.  We will also try to make our writing more interesting by using connectives, such as suddenly, unfortunately, luckily, etc. We will be looking at grammatical agreement and using the standard form of verbs. We will be investigating using the past tense for narration. Our text work will be based on fiction and poetry, by significant authors and we will use non-fiction to look at instructions.  Good letter formation is a priority, with Year 2 children practising a cursive style.  Children are invited to take home a home reading book as often as they wish- please fill in the title and date in their home reading book, together with any comments about their reading.   The children are invited to take Bouncer Bunny, and his cousin Betsy for a sleepover; they record what the bunnies do at home, in Bouncer Bunny’s Diary.  They may also take Willow Bear home for a sleepover, but this is just for fun, writing optional!




Children are becoming familiar with reading and writing numbers up to at least 100.  They will count on in ones, twos, threes, fives and tens.  They will practise recording in number sentences, using +, -, = , x and division.  They will learn to recall pairs of numbers that total 10 and 20 and addition doubles to at least 10+10 together with corresponding halves. Year 2 children will become familiar with multiplication facts of the x10, 5x, 3x and x2 tables and deduce corresponding division facts. These will be tested on Fridays. They will recognise odd and even numbers.  We will also be looking at: length, 2D and 3D shapes, time, money, capacity, weight and position and the associated vocabulary.  We will recognise halves and quarters, three quarters, thirds and equivalent fractions and investigate maths problems and puzzles.  We will look at ways of handling data, including bar charts and Venn diagrams.




We shall be studying living things in their habitats and seasonal changes




We are investigating features of our local area – making maps and following routes. We will also be looking at the buildings and their use and seeing how the environment changes over time.




This term, we are studying Islam and Moslems. 




In the first part of the term we will be using Roamer – a programmable floor turtle and BeeBots. We will control direction and pathways by instructions and link this to our work in Geography. We will learn to use the Internet to find information to help us research our topics.




We will be practising athletic skills: running, jumping and throwing.  P.E. is on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please bring in a tracksuit, PE kit and trainers – it gets cold on the pitch!




We shall investigate the sounds we can make, loud and soft, short and long, fast and slow and how these affect the rhythm of a piece of music. This will develop into using percussion instruments to compose and perform music.  Mrs. Hickman will be teaching Year 2 to play the ocarina.




We are investigating sculpture and using our observations of plants and animals to make sculptures.  In the second half of the term, we shall be designing and making models of playground equipment to show how we can improve the existing provision at school.


If anyone can be of assistance with any aspect of the curriculum, we would be delighted to welcome you into school!  The parents, friends and governors, who help in Willow Class, make a real difference to the children’s knowledge, learning and skills and are highly valued members of the team.



Yours faithfully,



Genevieve Ferguson


Summer Term 2019


Term 5

Week 1

Week ending 26.4.19


Welcome back to the Summer Term!  It was lovely to see all the children and to hear what they had been up to on their Easter Holiday.


What have we learned?


'I learned the 3x table.'

'I learned the 'le' and 'el' ending.'

'I learned to name 3 D shapes.'

'I learned to recognise the properties of 3 D shapes, including the number of faces, the shape of the faces, the number of edges and whether they were straight or curved and the number of vertices.'

'I learned to measure the capacity of a container.'

'I learned that 1000 mililitres (mls) = 1 litre (l).'

'I drew a picture of the people and pets that are special to me.'

Term 5

Week 2

Week ending 3.5.19


We had an exciting day on Tuesday - it was the Sponsored Bounce!  The children were very enthusiastic ( we were the only class to have returned all the sponsor forms!) and lustily cheered each other on.  The class which raises the most will have £50.00 to spend on anything they want for the classroom - you can do it Willows!


What else have we learned this week?


'I learned the superlative verbs to compare things.'

'I learned if a word end in a 'y', before you add a suffix you must change it for an 'i'.'

'I learned my 10x table and how to add and subtract a ten.'

'I learned what a habitat is.'

'I wrote a prayer about 'kindness.'

'I learned how to work out maths word problems.'

'I learned how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals.'


Star of the Week:  Sam for trying hard with his learning and for being quick to help in class.'

Term 5

Week 3

Week ending 10.5.19


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 2 x table.'

'I learned 2 x is the same as doubling.'

'I learned how to find missing numbers by taking the answer and doing the opposite operation.'

'I learned how to work out a backwards number sentence.'

'I learned about Leonardo da Vinci.'

'I drew a self-portrait, using a mirror to see my face.'

'I learned how to find the answer in a text.'

'I learned how to solve number problems.'

'I learned the 'war' and 'al' graphemes for the 'or' phoneme.'


Star of the Week: Sienna for being very stoic and kind.

Term 5

Week 4

Week ending 17.5.19


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table.'

'I learned how to add 'ment' and' ness' as a suffix to the end of verbs.'

'I learned how to solve word problems.'

'I learned how to draw a face.'

'I learned the compass points .'

'I can find my way through a maze using compass directions.'

'I learned how to use the possessive apostrophe.'

'I learned to use alliteration.'

'I learned to write a poem using the possessive apostrophe and alliteration.'





Week 5

Week ending 24.5.19


It was a very busy week carrying out statutory  K S 1 SATs: the children were magnificent!  We ended the week with a much deserved party to celebrate getting 20 marbles in the jar!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I learned to write a book review for 'The Diary of a Killer Cat.'

'I learned to draw a self portrait.'

'I learned about Leonardo da Vinci.'

'I learned about where Christians and Moslems think God is and drew a picture.'

'I completed my Scratch project in computing.'

'I wrote my Learning Journey.'


Have a lovely restful half term holiday!