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Friday 8th January


Comprehension - do the "60 second reads" comprehension about Vikings.

Maths: complete the work on Negative numbers from yesterday.



1. Watch the 3 clips again, then

2. Michael Morpurgo activity sheet page 3 poetry writing - you will need to scroll through to the third sheet - you don't need to print it off.

3. Imagine you are Beowulf. You have been charged with the safety of the kingdom. You are lying in your bed, waiting for the monster of the night to appear. Write a poem describing your thoughts and feelings, the darkness and the noises as you lie in bed – waiting! (you don’t need to use rhyme, but include plenty of description)

Thursday 7th January


Please practise your spellings by copying out each word three times in your VERY BEST handwriting! Now look up each word in the dictionary and write a sentence for each.


Maths - today and tommorrow we will be working on negative numbers:

1. Look at this clip:

2. Work carefully through the powerpoint – you are not expected to be able to do all of it!

Start with “diving” (mild), then “deeper” (medium), then “deepest” (hot). Make sure to open the powerpoint in "SlideShow", so that you can work through each slide at your own pace.

3. Then try the sheets attached – you can continue with these tomorrow.


Beowulf comprehension - choose the right level for yourself: *, ** or ***. Check your answers afterwards.

When you have finished this try the sequencing activity and write a sentence for each picture.

RE: What kind of world did Jesus want?

Wednesday 6th January

It was lovely to see you all on the Zoom yesterday - you were very lucky children with all your lovely gifts!


Today is Wordy Wednesday. Please do the first activity on your year group's sheet (there are lots of sheets - you only need the first one!


We would also usually have our times tables test, so please practise any tables you are still wobbly on and then have a go at the Ultimate Times Tables Challenge. Give yourself 5 minutes and see how many you can get - we will do this each week and see how you improve over the term.


Thanks to Gaby and Jago who have sent me some of their work already! We will move on to Google Classrooms next week, which will make it easier for you to send in your work for me to look at and give you feedback.


Thank you for staying at home and working hard and behaving for your parents. Please remember I am here for you to message if you are finding something tricky. Its really chilly in the classroom, so staying warm and safe at home is definitely the best thing for you! Mrs Glass and I are both very worried about leaving our homes and coming into contact with other families in school due to the current extremely high incidence of covid in our area. 

Maths - please look at the powerpoint on rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000; you could also look at the extension powerpoint if you have time. Then work on the sheets - you choose! To remind you of the rhyme I have included it in the first attachment - One to four....


**Newsflash** Try this fun activity we've just found in class (its only a couple of minutes long!):

English - the next exciting installment of Beowulf!

Were you surprised by Grendal’s mother’s actions?

Write a diary entry as Grendal’s mother – how was she feeling? Justify her actions




Sign in to the new Joe Wicks activities on youtube:


Tuesday 5th January


I'm looking forward to seeing you for the class zoom meeting at 1pm - bring along your favourite Christmas present to show the class and tell us in one sentence what you love about it!


Early work - Tricky Tuesday Maths activity mats. We usually do the 2* mats, so have a go. The answer sheets are also there for you to check your work. Mrs Glass' group, please write out all of your number bonds to 10 and 20, then write out your times tables for the level you are on: Bronze 1: 2x, 5x, 10x, Bronze 2: 3x, 4x, 6x, Bronze 3: 7x, 8x, 9x


Today we will continue with our work on place value in 5 and 6 digit numbers. Please work through the 2 powerpoints on adding and subtracting multiples of 10, then work your way through the sheets -Mild: complete the first sheet

-Medium: complete the first and second sheet

-Hot: complete all three sheets

-Extension - try some of the challenge cards


I hope you enjoyed the start of the Beowulf story. Today we will continue with episode 2:

1. Describe the qualities of Beowulf

2. Who might the new monster be? What will happen next?

3. Is Beowulf capable of defeating another monster?

Extension: write a short story describing the new monster and how Beowulf fights it.


This term we start our new Topic - Anglo Saxons...the peoples that came after the Romans! This links in well with the Beowulf story that was written in this era of history.

Please read through the power point, then do your own research on Hengest, Horsa and Voritgen. These three names were used on ships that my Dad worked on across the Channel when I was a little girl, so I'll be really interested to hear what you find out!

Monday 4th January

Good morning! Happy New Year!

It's going to be a bit of a strange week for everyone, but we'll try to keep to our normal timetable with home learning tasks set on here each day. Things will probably evolve and change over the week, so please bear with us as we all adapt to this very fast changing world...


Usually on Monday we begin with our What Went Well books - so can you write down three things that went particularly well for you over the Christmas Holiday? Remember to include description and plenty of detail.

For your Moody Monday creative writing, use this picture to inspire you:




Write a short story about this family trip to the beach...Remember to include a description of the setting, characters and build up, problem and resolution!


You will find spellings for this term on the star for this term, so please begin to learn spellings list 1, and be ready for a test next Tuesday.

This term I wanted us to look at epic poems and we are beginning with Beowulf. We have a short clip to watch today to get us started off:


2. Once you have watched part one of the story read through the transcript (see sheet below).

3. Draw a picture of Grendel and write a description of the monster

4. How do you think Beowulf will defeat the monster?

Extension: write an invitation to the thanksgiving feast at the mead hall:



This week we are looking at Place Value.

Take a look at this quick clip, then try the work sheets which are for your group: year 4, Mrs Glass' group, year 5, and extension for year 5 Mastery Group:



This term we are going to be looking at Animals including Humans. We are starting this week with a unit about Nutrition. Please work through the power point presentation then do the food labelling activity.