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Term 6

Week 4

Week ending 1.7.22


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table and corresponding division facts.'

'I learned how to use an apostrophe for contractions.'

'I learned how to do a story map for 'Amphibby Anne.'

'I learned to write suffixes 'ed', 'ing' 'ly', 'ful' and 'ness'.

'I learned about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and how we should care for animals.'

'I learned how to hit a ball over the net in tennis.'

'I learned how to make a snail out of clay.'

'i learned how to collage a picture of Florence Nightingale.'

'I learned how Florence travelled to Scutari, in Turkey to help the wounded soldiers.'

'I learned 'The Twist' by Chubby Checker.'

'I learned how to sign 'God Save the Queen'.

'I learned how to work out the duration of time.'

'I learned how to work out maths word problems.'

'I learned how to do cross stitch.'