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week 4 22.6.2020

Friday 26th June


Wow! Another week completed! We're over half way through term 6.

I hope you have been staying safe in the sun this week. If you're thinking of heading out to any water the RNLI have sent these links to help you stay safe:


Water Safety

Beach Safety


It was lovely to see so many of you again yesterday on Zoom! We'll try to arrange another meeting again soon. I'm glad some of you have tried out and enjoyed the new Maths and English resources. I'll see what else I can find for a bit more variety for you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs Strover x

Lucy's been busy with her sewing machine making her pencil case, and we seem to have a Banksy in our midst...!

Beaumont has produced a powerpoint about bugs - great IT skills on display there Beaumont! Well done!

Thursday 25th June

Here is the worksheet for you to practise your French animals with after our Zoom meeting today!

Wednesday 24th June

Hello all,

I hope you haven't melted today? My car thermometer said it was 32 degrees this morning!

I have just added a new page onto the Term 6 stars - its some Maths and English workbooks that you might like to dip in and out of if you feel like a change from the Hamilton work. I will continue to set the Hamilton plans so that I know everything has been covered this term, but if you feel like doing something a bit different have a look!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow on Zoom,

Mrs S x


Well, Eddie may be destroying his tomatoes, but we do have another budding gardener - Beaumont has been growing strawberries, salad, potatoes and peas - he enjoyed his lunch today!

Eddie used bamboo that was holding up the tomato plants for his bug hotel! Hope the toms are OK - I'm sure the bugs will appreciate their new home!

Elliot has been very creative with his Science and DT - I love the Dapper Daschund! I wonder what guests you will be welcoming into your bug hotel? What other designs have you come up with Beech class?

Monday 22nd June 2020


Good morning Beech class!

I hope you have had a good weekend and that you all treated your Dads for Fathers Day?


Some of our year 5s have been wondering what will happen about the Kent Test this year, and yesterday the KCC published the following press release which announces a proposed delay to the test.

There is no further guidance regarding the Shepway test, but they do say that it is generally in line with the Kent Test, so watch this space for further information. You should still register for the tests now - you can do so then pull out nearer the time if you decide not to take it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our Zoom meeting on Thursday this week at 10am. Remember to bring along a soft toy animal that you can name in French and dress in your favourite Gallic clothes!  Look at the first few slides of this powerpoint to remind yourself of the names of animals in French. 

Congratulations to Hollie on earning her Blue Peter badge!

English this week focuses on newspaper articles and looks at Banksy street art. You will study a text called The Great Realisation and write a persuasive letter to you MP, which ties in nicely with this term's PSHE!
Maths this week is all about using mental multiplication and division and calculating time intervals. I hope you've been practising your times tables - they will really help you this week!

PSHE - Local Government

This week you will be exploring how Local Government impacts on or democracy and human rights. Read through the powerpoint and discuss the issues raised with your family. Try the jigsaw and see how Local Government fits in with our democracy and then try the quiz.


This week we're combining Science with DT and going outside again and I'm looking forward to seeing the product of your labours, which you'll be able to enjoy for the next few months! Has that got you interested?

Have a look at this website:

You will need to scroll down the page and go to the section for age 9-11, where you will find out about habitats and learn how to make your own bug hotel. Follow the link to the BBC website which gives more information on how to build you own bug hotel and the animals that you can expect to visit.



Week 4: The deforestation debate

Look at the Twinkle powerpoint (I've saved it as a PDF as the powerpoint was too big to upload!). Does anything surprise you? anger you? make you upset?

Complete the For and Against worksheet.

Write a paragraph each explaining the pros (for) and cons (against) in the deforestation debate.

PE - Bikeability

Complete page 12 - design your own bike helmet, then do page 13 - plan and draw your route to school. Finally do page 16 about Air Pollution - how do you think things have changed during lockdown? Do you think they will change again after lockdown? Complete any of the other activities you want to from the Bikeability booklet. Next week we will start on some Olympic activities.


RE - the Hindu Cycle of Life

This week and next week we will explore the Hindu belief that life is a journey from one body o anther and each life itself is a journey from birth to death.

Watch this BBC clip: which explains the cycle of life and death, then work through the powerpoint.

Now draw your own version of the Hindu cycle of life.


On Wednesday of this week you looked at some of the artwork produced by Banksy. Your task now is to find out more about this contemporary artist. What can you find out about his life and work? Now do your own Banksy-inspired artwork - you could do this outside - remember to check with an adult first! You might find these resources useful: