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Good Morning Wonderful Willows!


Wow!  How amazing it was to see and hear most of you yesterday!  I have missed you!


It is very strange in school as we don't get to see the other teachers: Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Fitzgerald are in Acorn Class, Ms Kerrane is teaching the Key Worker children and so Mrs. Miller and I are the only ones from Willow Class, teaching the Year 1s ! So it was awesome to get Team Willow back together again!


Joke of the day:  Why couldn't the pony neigh?  Because he was a little hoarse (another one to add to our homophone chart -  horse/hoarse)!


Maths Word Problem:  Bethany has a £20 (lucky Bethany).  She buys a jigsaw for £11 (expensive!).


How much change will Bethany get back?


Target Word:  Can you find the word in this anagram?  AYDER  How many words can you make from the letters?


You might be interested in the latest 500 words challenge:


I was sent this link and thought it might be useful for those anxious about returning to school - there is also a lot of other interesting information included.

I thought I would remind you of Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor, as Immanu'el has enjoyed using it.  The free access ends on the 5th July, but they are giving half price access to their Summer club (£4.99). Other websites are available!

Check out The Folkestone Schools' Summer Games - it looks fun!


Have a lovely day!



Mrs. Ferguson x


P.S.  This has been the second time I have typed this blog, as the first time I tried to save it, it whirred for three hours and did nothing!  So I deleted it and started again!  I hope you weren't trying to access the website in the meantime! Sorry!


Mrs. F. x


Photos from Sofia, Willow and Immanu'el

Happy Birthday Immanu'el