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Hi to Silver Birch class,

We hope you're all ok and have had a good Bank Holiday weekend.

I celebrated VE Day with my family outside our house having a 'social distancing' party with the neighbours.  We had cream tea (after my second attempt at making scones - the first attempt were more biscuits!) and lots of cake.  We observed the 2 minute silence and sang along to 'We'll meet again.'  Such a poignant and reflective day.  We look forward to seeing pictures of your own celebrations that you may have sent to Mr File.  

Many parents have emailed us lately to express concern about children becoming less and less motivated with their learning.  I think we are all feeling this way as time goes on, and there are certainly good and bad days in my house too.  If there are days where no formal learning is taking place, it is ok, take a break and try again another day.  Please email us if you ever need any reassurance or have any questions.  Also, we can arrange a phone call to you or the children, and the children can email us themselves.  

Enjoy the learning this week (There is art!) and remember that we are all doing our best within a bad situation.

Take care,

Mrs Hall and Mrs Hams

Topic - Comparing Brazil and the UK. Watch videos about Brazil, use the PPT to complete the booklet and/ or write a list of similarities and differences between the 2 countries.

Science- Jane Goodall - Learn all about the amazing work of Jane Goodall- Watch this video clip then complete the activities-

Art - Drawing techniques


Google the artists; Oenone Hammersley and Henri Rousseau and look at their rainforest pieces.  


Look at the way they draw their animals and plants.  Take one of the pictures and copy it yourself using pencil.  If you have shading pencils, use these to show depth and detail.  They do not need to be coloured (but can if you wish).  


The Kent School Games website has many challenges that can be completed through the #StayHomeStayActive campaign.  

Choose one, have a go, and let us know how you got on.  There are recording sheets that can be used. 

RE - How do Christians show their beliefs about God through prayer?


*Revisit the 'Grace' prayer.

 The blessing asks for God to be with people who hear the prayer.  That for Christians, this sense of God being with them, all around and even within their lives is a part of believing in God the Holy Spirit. 

* Use the song  Stephen Fischbacher’s song ‘God behind, God beside, God ahead’, which expresses Christian belief about the presence of God the Holy Spirit in everyday life, to explore this idea. Play it , and ask them to write an additional verse to express their ideas about where God is found (if anywhere).

*Some Christians like to have wall plaques or fridge magnets or posters to remind themselves of key verses — including ‘the Grace’. (Look at www. for the kind of thing some Christians use.) Ask children to think about the best way to help Christians remember the blessing, and where they would most need to be reminded of it. Ask them to design (and make?) an artefact as if for sale to Christians, expressing the ideas (but not necessarily the full words) of the Grace. What symbols, colours or images might work well to help Christians remember? 


DT- Step 1- Design a Creature for a Habitat

Flynn's homemade board game, 'Star Rise.' Looks very exciting - well done.

Sienna's stunning Henri Rousseau inspired tiger. Very neat with your lines.

Jago has created his own chameleon picture in the style of Oenone Hammersley- What wonderful detail!

George’s frog in the style of Oenone Hammersley- I'm sure you will agree that the detail is fantastic!

Miles' Tree-frog in the style of Oenone Hammersley. Fantastic observations and great use of detail and shading.

Jago has managed to grow roots on his geranium cuttings, how exciting- we can't wait to see the progress of his plant.

Andrew's Fantastic Lego Model

Miles has used Publisher to create a persuasive advent based on the work of Jane Goodall

Eli's Harry Potter story. Great use of commas, word choices and speech.

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 12

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 13

Rory Branagan- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 14

This is the very final chapter of our story book. I hope you enjoyed listening.
Mrs Hams x