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Star of the Week

This weeks Star of the Week is Levi.


You have had a fabulous week Levi. You have really persevered in Maths and today you approached some addition and subtraction problems with confidence. During English you recalled some super facts about cows. This afternoon you enjoyed trying a variety of fruit and made delicious fruit kebab. You are also working really hard with your reading - keep it up.


Well done Levi!


In PSHE we found about how we can make healthy choices about food and drink. We looked at pictures of a variety of foods and sorted these foods into two groups (healthy and less healthy). We then tried a variety of fruits including apple, satsuma, banana, passion fruit, watermelon and grape. The watermelon was definitely the children's favourite! We then made delicious fruit kebabs which everyone enjoyed eating. 

In science we have been exploring our sense of sound. We used drama to act out a story called 'The Listening Walk'. We then found out how sound moves through the air in waves (we cannot see these) and these waves travel through our ears. Our brains make sense of the message that the waves bring. 


We used a singing bowl to make different sounds. The singing bowl produces sounds and vibrations when hit or circled with a mallet. We could really hear and feel these vibrations which helped us feel relaxed!

When the children come in first thing we give them a variety of activities to do: independent reading, 

reading to an adult, fine motor skills activities and word games and finishing off work from the previous day.  These are important activities for their development.  The earlier your child can get into class, the better!!!

The children have focused on non-fiction books this week as next week they will be writing a short text about a farm animal.  They have written simple sentences about farm animals and learned some new words, such as woolly, milking, roam and roost to put into their sentences.  


In maths we have moved onto subtraction and some children have been using number lines to help them work out their answers.  Some are not quite ready for number lines and will continue to use cubes.  These are more kinaesthetic and enable the children to actually see the cubes being taken away from a larger number to make a smaller number.  These are all small steps they take towards becoming proficient at maths and we encourage them to make their own independent choices when selecting equipment to work with.


We have talked this week about where we live and created pictures of our own houses!  Some of us know we live in Folkestone or Hawkinge, but not all of us are clear.  I have asked the children to ask their parents and let me know next week!