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Mr Dan File

Assistant Headteacher and SENCO

Mrs Claire Short

KS1 Coordinator and Class Teacher

Mrs Genevieve Ferguson

EYFS Teacher (Acorns)

Ms Jane Waters

Year 1 Teacher (Hazel) 2 days

Mrs Alex Grady

Year 1 Teacher (Hazel) 3 days

Ms Rosie Shepherd

Year 2 Teacher (Willow)

Mrs Genevieve Ferguson

Year 3/4 Teacher (Silver Birch) 3 days

Mrs Victoria Hall

Year 3/4 Teacher (Silver Birch) 2 days

Mrs Caroline Slingsby

Year 4/5 Teacher (Beech)

Mrs Philippa Strover

Year 6 Teacher (Oak) 3 days

Mrs Claire Short

Year 6 Teacher (Oak) 2 days

Mrs Fiona Godden

Teaching Assistant

Ms Nikki Knight

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Danielle Fitzgerald

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Katherine Collins

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sarah Glass

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cheryl Vincent

Teaching Assistant 1:1

Mrs Maria Wildey

Teaching Assistant 1:1

Miss Deborah Kerrane

Teaching Assistant 1:1

Mrs Vikki Woodward

Office Manager

Mrs Sally Lewis

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs Caroline Soutan

Site Manager

Mr Steve Elgar

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Christine Baillie


Mr Steve Elgar and Mr Nathen Elgar

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