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Welcome to our weekly webpage.

Each week you can take a look at what your children will be learning in each subject in our Weekly Overview.  

Please note, Miss Knight's overview will be added on Wednesdays.

Thank you,

Ms Shepherd & Miss Knight

Early Morning Work and Guided Reading

The children have been learning their new routines.  First thing in the morning they come in, change into their slippers and find an alphabet or tricky word activity to work on.  Straight after that we start Guided Reading.  In Guided Reading the children work on a carousel of activities, including reading with the teacher, hand writing and enjoying books in the book corner.  

In the last picture Mr Elgar is getting them ready to go and visit the chickens!  Aaron was lucky enough to come back with an egg!

In maths we have practised counting and moving objects as we count them to help us count more accurately.

This term in Art we are mark making, though drawing.  This week the children had a lot of words to understand and learn in order to make lines: diagonal, horizontal, wavy, vertical, broken and cross-hatch.  Then they created the lines using string and chalk.


Our learning today has been about how we use non-verbal cues to show our emotions. The children acted out a variety of different emotions in small groups for each other to guess. They then created a "This is Me" poster and wrote a sentence choosing an emotion and where they are when they feel like that.



This term in topic we will be looking at a range of different maps and why we use them. The children drew their very own map of the classroom and labelled it. 

Library Time.

Every Friday morning the children get to visit the library and choose a book of their choice to take home. Please can these books be returned by the following Friday, the children are only allowed to choose a different book the following week if they have returned the previous one. 




This term we will be looking at the song "Hey You" by Joanna Mangona. The children were able to find the rhythm within the song and we have begun adding some actions. We then split in to two groups to perform what we have learnt so far.