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Term 4

Week 1

Rounding and telling the time were the subjects that we studied in our Maths lessons.  In English we wrote lots of descriptions to show a build up of suspense.  We started our Forces unit in Science and learnt about different types of forces, and we started our French topic about weather.  In RE we began the story of Holy Week, and in Topic we learnt about the famous Nelson Mandela and all that he achieved in his life.  Ball skills is what we have started to do in PE and Year 4 began their exciting Forest School sessions.  Phew!  No wonder we were all exhausted by Friday afternoon!

Week 2 - Gravity and a Newton Meter investigation

Week 2

In English we created our own animal riddles, and these will be on display soon for you to solve.  We've been using Roman Numerals in Maths which we found a challenge at first, but also great fun.  We learnt how Jesus washed the Disciples feet on Muandy Thursday, and what meaning this has for Christians.  Gravity was the force we focused on in Science.  We began to create our African masks in Topic using paper mache.  

But the most exciting thing that we experienced this week was watching War Horse at the Marlowe Theatre.  It was heart-wrenching, traumatic and also funny in places - we laughed and cried!  What a memorable performance it was.  A big thank you to the adults that came to help.

Week 3 - Science Week


We have been very fortunate this week to have had a range of visitors come to school every day and teach us new and exciting Science knowledge and skills.  

Monday - Children from the North school completed a variety of workshops exploring the 3 different Sciences.


Tuesday - The Pfizer company taught us about density and we made Lava lamps.


Wednesday - Mrs Levett completed some activities with us about Buoyancy.


Thursday - Miss Boyle did an investigation with us looking at how craters were formed on the moon.


Friday - Affinity water company did a water flow investigation.


In amongst all this Science we went singing at the Harvey Grammar school, learnt about what different symbols of Easter mean and completed our animal riddles in English.  

Week 4


This week we finished off our African masks, which look authentic!  We created some Turner pictures with pastels for the Art gallery display.  Ready for our assessments next week, we have been revising some different calculation methods in Maths.  In RE, we began to make some fact sheets about Holy Communion.  We have practised for our class assembly a couple of times - we hope you can come along to this.  

Week 5


This week the children sat a few assessments so that we can monitor progress and to inform our planning for next term.  All the children worked really hard on these, so well done!

Also this week, we did some story planning and thought about effective ways that we could write a different version of the story, The Fastest Boy in the World'.  We made Mother's Day cards which we hope you enjoyed.  

Week 6 Pom - poms animals

Week 6 - Air Resistance Investigation - Making Parachutes

Week 6

This term ended with the class doing some lovely Easter crafts.  We made cute fluffy pom-pom animals, delicious Easter chocolate nests and created some pretty pictures.  Mrs Hall also had us writing our Hot Task, all about a young African child with a talent that saves the day.  We performed our Class assembly all about Wisdom, telling the story of King Solomon, and how we can be a wiser person in today's society.  Along with our special performance of 'A Million Dreams.' which we have all enjoyed practising.  The week ended with our Easter church service.  

Have a lovely break, and see you all next term.