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The children have really impressed us this morning with their work on expanded noun phrases - here are a few examples:


Hallie: The great big, black campot is sitting beautifully in a forest. The fire is crackling and burning so hot it was like flames in my eyes. 


Ben: Sitting around the warm campfire on a cold damp night I can smell rabbit cooking.


Megan: The singing villagers sat around the bubbling pot of onion soup. The bronze glowing fire has one thousand crackle with the villagers' wolves a pillows with the rocky uncomfortable ground. The cold frosting wind made the people shiver with fear as the shadows of the trees swayed.


Phoenix: The hot glowing fire with a bubbling pot of rabbit soup. There were people dancing and singing around the fire.


Sophie: I was standing next to a straw, thatched house. The orange fire was blazing in the midnight moonlight. I could smell something delicious in the collosal coal black pot. It looked like deer soup sizzling over the fire.


There are many more amazing examples - well done Silver Birch class!