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Term 2

Week 4

Week ending 26.11.21


What have we learned this week?


'I have learned the 'ci', 'ce', 'cy' 'ge', 'gi' and 'gy' phonemes/graphemes.'

'I learned to write my two times table.'

'I learned the 'x' sign for multiplication.'

'I learned that 'lots of' 'times' and multiply all mean that a number is added repeatedly.'

'I learned that doubling and 2 x  are the same thing.'

'I learned that the 2 x table goes up in even numbers.'

'I learned to use the Rule of Three.'

'I can put commas in lists with and between the last two items.'

'I learned to use adjectives to describe a fox.'

'I learned about who knew that Jesus was God on Earth.'

'I learned about food groups.'

'I evaluated my design for my bird model.'

'I learned about the Hortas family tree and made my own family tree.'