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Term 3

Week 5

Week ending 4.2.22


Did you notice the date on Wednesday? It was symmetrical and palindromic - 2.2.22!


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 3 x table.'

'I can work out my 3 x table by adding on three.'

'I learned the 'gn', 'kn', 'sw' and 'wr'.' phonemes/graphemes.'

'I learned to write a prayer to thank God for all He has given us.'

'I learned to sequence the story of The Great Fire of London.'

'I learned to identify the uses of everyday materials outside.'

'I learned how to co-operate in a group and we made tangrams.'

'I learned how to tell the time to 1/4 to the hour.'

'I learned to write sentences using adjectives to describe the characters in 'The Wolf's Story.'

'I learned how to use commas in lists.

'I learned how to draw a multiplication array and how to use it to write the corresponding division calculation.'

'I learned that multiplication is repeated addition.'