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term 4

Week 2

Week ending 5.03.21


What have we learned this week?


'I learned the 'zh' phoneme.'

'i learned my 5 x table.'

'I learned about duration in minutes and hours.'

'I learned about the impact of The Great Fire of London.'

'I learned to listen to and to tell instructions.'

'I learned about Samuel and drew a picture of 'My Story'.'

'I learned that it is good to listen to others.'

'I listened to Beethoven's 5th Symphony.'

'I learned that multiplication is commutative.'

'I learned to use imperative verbs.'

'I learned that some objects sink and some float.'

'I learned to use the subordinating conjunctions 'when' and 'if'.' 

'I learned to identify a subordinate clause.'

'I learned to make a Tudor style house.'