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Term 6

Week 1- Tuesday - KIC Theatre


We were very lucky to have our second session of the year with the wonderful Ian from Kic theatre.  AS he knew we were studying the Titanic, all our activities were based on this topic. 

First we looked at body control and movement, then we became designers and builders of the famous liner.  Next, we chose groups and were given a role of somebody bringing goods onto the boat, such as coal, grand pianos and food.

In our groups, we then used our bodies and imaginations to first create shapes, then a T for Titanic, an anchor, a ship, 1912 and rocket flares.  After this, we were split into different groups of people aboard the Titanic.   We acted out boarding the ship, and then the ship colliding with the iceberg.  In the afternoon, we did some follow up writing, imagining we were a passenger enjoying our time on the ship (pre iceberg!)

Enjoy the photos!

Week 2

In Maths we calculated equations so that they were balanced and equal, often having to use an inverse operation.  We watched a documentary about the Titanic, and what really happened including a fire which caused the water tight compartments to be damaged and weakened.   In English we created a dialogue between characters and made a timeline of important events.  In SPAG we started to write some instructions for the sock monkeys that we made.  We did some singing practice for our play, and it would be great if the children could practice at home too.  Have a lovely Father's Day to all the amazing dads on Sunday.

Week 3 &4

We've spent these two weeks mostly doing production rehearsals, assessment revision and assessments.  With PE, music and Topic still going on in between!  The children all worked really hard on their assessments and have shown what great learning they have achieved this year.

Week 5 - Sports Week


Tug of War

Diamond cricket

Scooter races

Archery Tag