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The children have used counters to represent numbers.

We have had a food tasting session to investigate the four basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty and bitter.  The children's answers were mostly accurate, but some were surprising:

"Coffee tastes like slugs".

"The crisps are sweet".

"The dolly mixtures are salty."

Junk Modelling Materials

You will have seen Hazel Class coming out with their junk modelling creations, but we have almost run out of recycling materials, so please could you send in a bag of any recycling you have.  Rest assured it will come back to you!


We looked at representing numbers as words in our maths today. The children found this a bit of a struggle so we encouraged them to look at the first sound in the number word to decipher what numeral it could be matched to, "one" throwing this theory out the window of course!


Forest School.

The children had a fabulous first session at forest school. They learnt the rules when around the fire pit and where they could and couldn't go within the woods. Hot chocolate was enjoyed by all at the end!

We can't wait to go back again next week. 


We didn't know many facts about octopuses so the children thought of some questions that we could ask an expert. We had some amazing questions from the children.


We walked around the school using our maps, everyone soon picked up how to direct each other using directional language. We ended up in the hall and had to decide which way was quicker to get back to the classroom.