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Term 6

Week 3

Week ending 25.6.21


What have we learned this week?


'I learned my 5 x table.'

'I learned the  alternative graphemes for 'ear', 'ere' and 'air'.'

'I learned how to add the suffix 'ing' to verbs.'

'I learned about mass (weight) and learned to weigh by combining grams and kilograms.'

'I learned how to solve word problems.'

'I learned about the rights of children.'

'I learned about the conditions in Scutari Hospital.'

'I learned how to use oil pastels.'

'I learned how to draw a sunflower.'

'I learned about the story of Muhammad (PBUH) and the camel. It teaches us all to care for and respect animals.'

'I learned how to write a poem, using similes.'