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Some photos of your learning this week - super artwork from Hollie, Gaby, Eddie and Joanna

Friday 24th April


In Maths today you will be continuing with division with 4 digit numbers. As usual, year 4 and orange group please complete the mild task and green and blue group do the hot task. If you finish there is an investigation for you to try.

For English, you will be looking at the next part of the Skimbleshanks poem and practising with adding in punctuation into sentences. There is a newspaper article for you to write if you have time.

I forgot to mention your spelling test for Thursday, so please ensure you complete this (list 5) and let me know your "scores on the doors".


Art: How well do you think TS Eliot described Skimbleshanks? Could you do a painting or drawing of him? You might prefer to draw your own cat, or a neighbour's cat that you see when you're out and about. Think about how cats sit and move, how can you show their personality through your artwork? You might like to look a this website for some pointers on how to get started:

Have fun! I'd love to see your finished artwork!


I hope you all enjoyed the Skimbleshanks poem as much as Gaby did - she has made this amazing powerpoint:

Congratulations on a super piece of work Gaby!


For anyone looking for some different Maths challenges, you can download free puzzle books from this website:  They are written by Douglas Beagle who runs the Junior Kings School Maths Challenge days that we take year 5 mathematicians to. They're fun for adults too! Challenge your parents, or work through them together! Enjoy!



Thursday 23rd April


Maths today is looking at Short Division. Use the powerpoint, which has animation on it to guide you through. Year 4 and orange group do the mild task, green and blue do the hot task. If you finish these try "Check your understanding".

For English today, you'll be working on a poem called "Shimbleshanks" by a very famous poet, TS Eliot - I hope you enjoy it! You'll also be revising "parenthesis"...can you remember what that means before you open up the worksheet?


This term's focus for RE is "Incarnation". Have a look at the story from the Gospel of Matthew (chapt 3),

Next look at the powerpoint about Jesus' Baptism.

In your Home Learning book write a diary entry about Jesus' Baptism from the point of view of one of the onlookers. What symbols are mentioned in the story that Christians use in worship now?



It was so good to catch up with most of you by phone this morning. I've heard all about Baptiste's camping, Grace's rainforest potions, Hollie who has been delivering lambs, Scarlett practising her basketball and Lucy and Erin who have been sharing their guided name but a few!

Sorry I didn't manage to get through to you all - I'll try again next Wednesday morning.

Here are a few photos of what you've been up to...

Joe's adventures

To get the free Twinkle resources (lots of you have emailed to say the link isn't working for the Rainforest Calling ebook), try logging on with this special free offer code:

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning!

Maths today continues with short multiplication from yesterday, but this time using money.

English is to write a prequal to a story, thinking about unanswered questions.


Don't forget to do your Wordy Wednesday sheet for list 5 spellings in your Home Learning book. 

Mrs Godden has set some work for you about Networks, which you will be learning about this term. Please send your completed work to her (the email address is on the sheet).

I would also like you to do the second activity from the Thinkuknow series: follow the link on the sheet.

PE: The weather is due to be fine again today, so could you go outside and start to plan some activities for a Sports Day later in the term for your family? My family have been having a hula-hoop competition (Mr S still needs LOTS of practise!), and when we were clearing out our shed we found a blow-up beach ball which we will use for an under-and-over type game. What toys have you got that you could incorporate into your Sports day? What about an obstacle race? Have fun!


I hope to speak to some of you on the phone today - I can't wait to hear all of your news.

Best wishes

Mrs Strover


Baptiste's class prayer - a very thoughtful prayer - well done Baptiste

21.4.2020 Jack's Science lesson - I hope Mum didn't mind you chopping up her flowers!

Tuesday 21st April


I hope you got on well with the new format for Maths and English? We have the same style for today. There is also a powerpoint with audio for the Maths which is on Short Multiplication today. English is about using the correct tense - I know sometimes you jump between past and present - this will give you some practise. 


For Topic, please go through the powerpoint about the location of Rainforests then do the map activity. When you have finished this, you can continue reading "Rainforest Callling". You can finish reading this ebook whenever you have time - it will help you with your Topic work.

You might need to sign up to Twinkle (it's free) - ask an adult to help.


Finally, this week I'd like us to come up with a new Home Learning Class Prayer. Can you adapt our class prayer for families in lockdown who are finding it hard - missing friends and family, missing clubs and playing outside, missing school? Despite these hardships, we have so much still to be thankful for - our own health, the beautiful sunny weather, the pretty spring blossoms on the trees, the chirpy sound of the morning chorus and the lazy buzzing of the bees in the warm afternoon. Look around you, look in your What Went Well book. What are YOU thankful for (it might even be your Xbox or latest Harry Potter book or film). I look forward to seeing your ideas.

Just as a reminder, here is our usual prayer:

Thank you Lord for the day,

For all our work and all our play,

Thank you for my family

And all the friends you give to me.

Keep us safe in the dark of night

And in the morning send your Light.



Keep safe Beech class

Mrs Strover x

Howie's lovely rainforest poster - great monkey - I love his expression!

Ruby's beautiful Rainforest poster - well done Ruby, it's so colourful!


Here is what Zach has been up to..

Super Anderson shelter Zach, and some really intricate colouring - well done! It looks like you had great fun with the Lego challenge!

Monday 20th April 2020


Morning All!


Hope you had a good weekend? We had a tea party on Saturday afternoon, with homemade cakes and "posh" sandwiches with the crusts cut off!!


This week we will make a start with the Hamilton plans for Maths and English. They might look a bit confusing to begin with, but have a read through with an adult to start you off, then take your time to read the explanations and questions. Each day the format is the same, so I'm sure you'll get used to it quickly and be able to work independently. If you get stuck, there is a section you can work through with an adult - very similar to the work you would have been doing with Mrs Slingsby. Let me know how you are finding the work and I can make adjustments if need be. 


Don't forget to learn Spelling List 5 this week ready for your test on Thursday - let me know how you got on!


I have to say, this whole new way of working is very different for us teachers too. We all miss your happy faces - even the groans when we have to tell you to be quiet and get on! I'm going to be in school on Wednesdays this term, so I'm planning on phoning you all for a catch up to find out how you have been getting on. I'm looking forward to hearing about what you've been up to!


To get you started here is a quiz that Beaumont wanted to share with you...

Monday's Maths: Multiples and factors:

orange group and year 4 try "mild",

green and blue group try "hot";

If you get though your questions quickly try "Check your understanding" and the investigation.

English - using adverbials

Science this term is "Living things and their habitats".

This week we are starting with "Making new plants":

Choose whichever activity sheet suits your understanding (1,2 or 3 star).