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Friday 1st July 2022


Welcome to July everyone!


Another very busy week has just flashed by. Our time at Elham Primary is quickly coming to an end, but we are enjoying our last few weeks together and continuing to work hard.


This week had been important as we have all been learning how to ride a bike safely both on and off the road. It was challenging at times, but most of us have reached Level 2, which means we understand the rules of the road and are capable of riding safely on quieter roads. A few of us will be taking our Level 2 on Monday. There are some photos below of one group practising on the school playground before venturing out on the roads.


In preparation for our move to secondary school in September, we have been lucky enough to have Mrs Cooper visit us each week to talk about transition and to help us overcome any fears which we may have. During our sessions she has worked with us on:


  • Looking at maps of our new schools and finding our way around
  • Learning how to read school timetables
  • Learning how to use our school diaries to record homework, amongst other things
  • Discussing any rumours we may have heard about secondary school and telling us whether they are true or not.
  • Discussing bullying and how to deal with this if we are affected by it


Future sessions will teach us about uniform expectations, use of mobile phones and travelling to/from school on the bus.


We have been producing some excellent advertising posters for our theme parks and these, along with our park designs, will be going into a competition before the end of term. There will also be a prize for the team which makes the most profit during year one of running their park.


French has been fun over the last few weeks. We are learning about the planets in our solar system and are beginning to write sentences to describe them. We've also learnt a mnemonic to remember their order from the sun - My Very Education Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas.


It looks like the weekend will be fine, so don't forget to Slip (on a T-shirt), Slap (on a hat) and Slop (on the suncream).


Have fun and we'll see you on Monday.


Mrs Short and Mrs Godden






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