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What talented artists you are Beech class! Here are some the drawings in the style of Rousseau by Lucy, Erin and Elliot. Lucy has produced a very informative powerpoint about macaws and Arthur has made an interesting factfile about sloths - a very popular animal amongst Beech class! Jack had a go at semaphore signalling after our Dover Castle "trip" last week - watch out for his signals as you pass his house!!

Friday 15th May

Congratulations to all of you who have sent me your spelling test results - another good week for Beech class! You are all working so hard and I know its tough not seeing your friends, but I'm sure we'll be back before you know it, getting used to a different style of classroom learning. It will be good to share ideas once more, laugh at each other's jokes and learn from each other's experiences and views.

In Maths today you will be looking at the properties of quarilaterals. Blue group, please have a go at "Check your understanding" after you have completed the "hot" task.

In English you will be reading a persuasive letter and then putting your persuasive technique into practise with a persuasive talk - I'd love to know who managed to persuade their families!


I have been really impressed by your creativity during Lockdown. You have spent time thinking about how you will present your work and then carefully worked on your creations. This week I'd like you to look at the work of Henri Rousseau, a French painter, who liked to draw animals. Look at his works Jungle with Lion, Apes in the Orange Grove, Exotic Landscapes, Tropical Forest with Apes and Snakes.

Think about how he depicts the animals and plants to show people of the time, who wouldn't have seen many photographs of different habitats in different countries. Look at the vibrant colours he used - this was probably surprising to people as photos were only in black and white then. How could you depict the animal you researched for your Topic work this week? What about it's habitat? Now draw or paint your animal. 

To find out more about Henri Rousseau, take a look at the short powerpoint.

Don't forget to send me pictures of your work!

14.5.20 I loved Samuel's idea of using a plant to show the Trinity today. Some lovely work from Joanna and Lille too. Well done everyone!

Beaumont's advert - with soundtrack jingle! Well done Beaumont!

Thursday 14th May

Is Accelerated Reader working? It seems like most of you are having trouble logging in? Only 4 children have completed quizzes this week, so well done to:

Beaumont 10 points

Samuel 7 points

Scarlett 10 points

Sarah 4 points


I love receiving photos of your work and I'm sure you all enjoy seeing what each other has done? Thanks again to those of you who have sent me your work. The following children have received Gold Awards for their work this term: Beaumont, Eddie, Joanna, Elliot, Lucy, Gaby, Phoebe, Ruby, Howie, Sabine and Samuel - congratulations to you all!


Remember to do your spelling test - we are on list 2 this week. Let me know how you got on.


Maths - describing properties of a polygon

English - investigating fact and opinion

RE - The Trinity. Read the powerpoint, then make your own symbol for the Trinity - you could do this as a drawing or painting, or even get crafty and make a mobile to hang in your room.

 Christians believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Think about your own beliefs - can "God" be 3 in 1? Why do you think this? 


Sorry I'm not going to have a chance to ring you today - Mrs Slingsby and I are sorting out your trays in the classroom - we can't believe the junk you have managed to accumulate!

I hope you've managed to log in to the live lesson for National Numeracy Day?

Happy Wednesday

Mrs Strover

Some of your work - you have been very creative!

Gaby's jaguar information

Wednesday 13th May

National Numeracy Day!


There will be a live lesson for KS2 by Bobby Seagull and Explore Learning, so head over to:

You could also try some of the numeracy challenges from the Activity Sheet - I rather like the one about planning a day out for your family - where would you go? Who would you go with? How much will the day cost? Perhaps you could look a destination up on the Internet (this will tie in with your Computing today)  and plan for a day when Lockdown is over. 

The Back to Back Picasso game ties in with your Maths today.

Maths - properties of 2D shapes - sorting and classifying polygons

English - persuasive writing poster

Computing - What makes a good webpage? Please send your work to Mrs Godden

French - use Duolingo to practise your skills. I did lots of practise on Sunday and earned 800XP - who can beat me? I now have a 30 day "streak", so I'm looking forward to speaking some French with you all when we are back in school!


I'm glad you've enjoyed finding out about rainforest animals. I had an email yesterday from Orangutan Appeal UK, who are staring their own TV channel later on this evening (9pm - so maybe your parents can record it for you?):

You're invited to an exclusive behind the scenes visit to Sepilok

Meet the Orangutans is our 8 part TV documentary filmed in the heart of
Borneo, which follows our chairperson Sue and the dedicated staff at
Sepilok as they care for the orphaned orangutans.
Get a unique insight into the extraordinary daily drama of the world's
first orangutan rehabilitation centre.
Let us take you on a roller-coaster journey sharing laughs and tears as
you witness the highs and lows of life at the centre.

 visit our website  here
Every Tuesday at 9pm on the "Really" channel
Channel numbers listed below:
Sky (UK): Channel 142
Sky (Ireland): Channel 155
Freeview: Channel 17
Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 165
Virgin Media: Channel 128
Or you can download and keep from  Amazon

 YouTube [],
 Google Play
&  A
pple TV


I don't know if these sites will work - but give it a try. I visited the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sepilok - it was fascinating.

Elliot has been finding out about sloths - read his powerpoint (which I had to convert to a PDF to upload it - sorry Elliot) to find some interesting facts!

Sabine's "Celebrating Me" work

Tuesday 12th May


Maths - mental strategies for division - blue group remember to try the investigation today!

English - designing a school uniform

Topic - Rainforest animals

Topic this week links in with your Science work about Dr Jane Goodall and the chimps that she studied.

Look at the powerpoint about Rainforest Animals, then choose one to make a factfile about - you can make a poster, write in a non-chronological report style or even make your own powerpoint.

Here are some more useful websites you could use for your research:


When we went to Borneo, seeing the animals in the rainforest felt like a real privilege and I can't tell you how excited I was to see wild orangutan and pygmy elephants! I think seeing these amazing creatures has made me even more passionate about conservation and I hope you will find from your research how we can help to conserve the habitats of so many endangered species.

Izzy with the pygmy elephants

Still image for this video

11.5.20 Howie's inspirational poster about chimps from Science today. Congratulations Howie - this is creative and powerful - Gold Award!

Monday 11th May 2020


Happy Monday Beech Class! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and were able to enjoy some VE Day celebrations and get out into the glorious sunshine? I've had some photos from Joanna of her familiy's Sports Day in the sun, and my family had a badminton contest in our garden.


In Maths this week we will be focusing on mental multiplication and division (Monday and Tuesday), then properties of 2D shapes. If you usually work in Blue group, I'd like you to challenge yourself this week and complete the investigation tasks.


In English you will be looking at persuasive writing, adverts and arguements. You will also need to learn List 2 spellings. Don't forget to email me with your scores on the doors. Today's lesson includes a SPAG section, where you will practise using commas to clarify meaning.





Science. Please research Dr Jane Goodall, then make a poster to persuade people to help in her invaluable work with chimpanzees in Tanzania.

You may like to use the following links:  - what was the great advice her mother gave her when she was 10 years old?


PSHE Celebrating You! What makes us different? What makes you unique?