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Good morning Silver Birch.  I hope you are all ready for another day of learning!

I have added this weeks spellings onto purple mash and there is also a list of the spellings for the term on the class page, so don't forget to check them and practice for a test next week.


Money - comparing two sets of coins and finding different combinations of coins to make a given amount.

Work through the powerpoint and then choose the level sheet you feel confident with.  If you find one too easy have a go at a harder one!  Then have a go at the pounds and pence sheets if you want even more of a challenge! I have attached a sheet of coins you can cut out and use if needed.

Guided Reading

Chapter 4 of Alien Hotel, quiz and writing about Kazoom goats!


After watching the video 'The Present' earlier this week I would like you to think of a present you have received or one you would like to receive.  Draw a detailed picture of this present in the middle of a piece of paper and then add words and phrases around the picture to describe it.  Think of the colours, textures, materials and even sounds.  Choose some of these to put into sentences, about 3 - 5 sentences.  Think about how you can make your sentences interesting and always remember the basics - capital letter, spaces and full stops or other punctuation. 

I look forward to seeing your work so please send photos or documents if you can and don't forget we are always on email should you need us.

Topic - Anglo Saxon Invasion


Use the PPT to complete the archaeological dig activity.  

Use the Twinkl PPT to learn more in-depth information about the Anglo Saxons.

Watch the BBC video - Why did the Anglo Saxons come to Britain?


Complete the rest of the first PPT and the profile page activity.