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Welcome to our first full week of Term 5.

For Maths and English we are continuing to use the Hamilton Trust Learning from Home packs.

We are providing both Year 3 and 4 lessons each day.  You are welcome to complete just your own year group's, both or just dip into the other year group's to either revisit concepts or to challenge yourself with new ones.

The Powerpoints have audio recordings that talk you through certain examples.


With the foundation subjects, they are to be completed as and when - there is no set day for each one.  

Please continue to read, practice times tables and spellings each week.

Please email us if you have any questions, and to share what you are most proud of.  Also, please check in with us at least once a week just to say hi, to let us know how you are and what you've been doing.

Smile, stay safe and have High Hopes! smiley

RE - What does the text, the Baptism of Jesus mean to Christians?

PE- Contiue with the Keeping Active challenges

Computing - Debug challenges.

On Purple Mash you have been set this challenge.  It's the Chimp level this week.

Write a description of how you solved the problem.

Use the question mark to get some tips.


Email me for Purple Mash logins if you have misplaced yours.

This Weeks Spellings

Mae's sewing project - a fashion designer in the making!

Miles' Topic diagram labelling Earth and his fantastic Baptism of Jesus picture using chalk pastels. Such a powerful image Miles - well done :)

Eli's story - great word choices and use of paragraphs.

Eli enjoying Home Learning

Rory Branagan Detective- Dog Squad the Final Chapter

We were so close to finishing our book, I thought I would record the final chapter for you. My accent was a bit rusty but I hope you enjoy listening.

Stay safe and keep smiling,

Mrs Hams

Miles' Fantastic Poem

Jacob and Douglas' Lockdown adventures

Jacob's story - very well written, lots of punctuation and great words used.

George has written a fantastic story about Wild Mr Wolf- He has used amazing vocabulary and is punctuation perfect!

Mrs Hams reads Rory Branagan

Rory Branagan Detective- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Prologue

Hi everyone, here's the first part of Rory's new adventures read to you by Mrs Hams.
We will aim to bring a chapter a day to you, so stay tuned in and enjoy.

Rory Branagan Detective- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 1

Rory Branagan Detective- The Deadly Dinner Lady- Chapter 2