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This week in maths we have continued to explore place value, and what each digit is worth to order and compare numbers up to 7 digits long!  We thought about placing numbers on number lines by working out what the intervals were worth and our starting and ending numbers.  In english, the children have been writing some fantastic descriptive and persuasive sentences, thinking carefully about their language choices and use of punctuation.  We became Roman soldiers ready to invade Britain, practicing our Latin commands, marching and boat rowing!  Thankfully, we made a deal with some Celts, who gave us their metals, pots and cattle, and they were left in peace once we reached the shores of Kent!  In RE we had some really thoughtful discussions after recapping the story of Noah's ark.  Douglas had the starring role of Noah, along with Eleanor as God, and we had a mixture of animals aboard the ark.  Unfortunately, we did have many people perish in the flood.  The children were curious to discuss that if God promised never to flood the world again, then why are there floods happening across the world today?  In French we learnt and practiced words to describe a house and a flat, and what setting they live in, such as the countryside or beside the sea.  We had some supper accents in the room!

With Miss Laslett this week: We finished off our unit on perimeter and moved onto look at how to calculate area in Maths. In English after completing an activity that involved adding missing punctuation the children did some creative writing using a picture of a fairy door in a tree as a prompt. There were some really interesting pieces and a few children got Gold Awards for their creativity. In science we began with our weekly rendition of the vertebrate song before moving on to look at natural changes that occur in habitats and how animals have adapted to withstand these. The children worked in pairs to research an animal and its adaptations before creating individual posters. In PSHE we discussed superheroes and real life superheroes. The children were introduced to Malala (whome none of them had heard of!) and her story before thiniking about what super powers they have. In music we practiced our harvest song and then continued our unit on Adele - Make You Feel My Love. We enjoy listening to music and having a boogie as a bit of a brainbreak sometimes. Therefor Mrs Kendall suggested that we find a class Friday anthem. We tested out a few tunes today with Uptown Funk being the current favourite!

Don't forget that next Wednesday is the Ploughing match trip, and on Friday the teddies will be spending the day in Beech class!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Mrs Hall and Miss Laslett