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Well done to those of you who completed this week's tasks and sent me your spelling test results. Eddie has taken up the Duolingo challenge and already beaten my record by earning 470XP yesterday! Go Eddie!

Don't forget to send me your Easter holiday photo collages - they're really easy and fun to make...

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Strover x

Beaumont's collage and Eddie's Curious Rainforest Creature - well done boys!

Friday 17th April

Maths - please complete page 54-56 of the booklet you took home: Solving Number Problems. I hope the Scouts in question 11 have a more successful camping trip that I did last week when we were rudely awoken in the middle of the night by a stolen van crashing in to the electricity pylon outside our garden!

English -

1. If you haven't yet done it, please complete the Wordy Wednesday practise for week 4 spellings and do your spelling test.

2. Read pages 6-17 of Rainforest Calling.

3. Find the correct spelling for "hippipotamoose" and "eggsajerate" (page 7)

4. Draw and label a pootoo

5. Design your own curious creature that might live in a rainforest.


French - Beat the teacher! Use Duolingo to brush up on your skills. I have been using it almost every day to brush up on the Russian I learned at university. Yesterday I scored 254XP, but my record for one day was on Monday when I scored 400XP! How many XP can you earn in a day? Can you beat your teacher? Let me know how you got on...




Thursday 16th April

My goodness! What a busy bunch you have been! I have been inundated by emails with your work, photos and news. Its so great to hear from you - thank you! Have you seen the little film that Mr File has made from all of the staff on the Home Learning page? Take a look - it's really fun!

Here are some of the things you have been doing:


Elliot's Rainforest poster

Thursday 16th April


Welcome to a very different Summer Term here in Beech class! I hope you are all well and raring to go with this term's learning at home...


To get you started, please do:

Maths Activity Mat for a bit of revision (answers on second sheet)

English comprehension "Rainforest calling" - year 4 2*, year 5 3* - you will need to scroll through the PDF to get to your work.

Topic - make a poster as a front page for our Topic, Rainforests, in your Home Learning book - here are some websites you could look at for ideas: - this clip is a bit of revision from when you learned about Rainforests in Science in KS1